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LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Any idea on when the new Lte Apple watch will be supported on the Rogers network? If it is supported what would be the price plan? 




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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I've Been Around
Tech savvy customers are the ones who promote all the new technology comes to the market and other follows because tech savvy customers are talking about new tech wherever they go. It will be really unfortunate for Rogers if these customers start switching to other provider. I hope they will have an announcement about this matter soon.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I've Been Here Awhile

Just talked to Bell customer service.

Bell will have apple watch 3 support exclusively for 6 months.

that been said, Telus will be providing this support after 6 months.

Rogers I assume will be after Telus .

I think by next June or July, we can expect Rogers to support apple watch 3.

If that is the case, many people will just wait for apple watch 4.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @zerbug

I just called and was told the same thing via Manager ( 2 of them actually). This makes sense as of why Telus has only said they would carry it but never released and date and keep saying ( information coming soon) instead.

So i was correct on Bell having some sort of exclusive deal to get it before anyone else and thus why Rogers hasn't really announced it.

Rogers could have posted up a page saying they will support it like Telus has but remember after so long of saying the same thing, customers would get upset. So they just thought it of saying nothing could be better as once that deal is over, they could announce it or near that deal.

Makes sense but something should be said.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around
If you go on the Apple website you'll see under the list of provider Telus "coming later this year" from end of September til December it's less than 3 months. It is on Bell advantage to tell you they have a 6 months exclusivity since they want your business now they don't want you to wait but according to tech support from Telus level 3 it's a required update to support eSim and a configuration to support multiple Sim card pointing toward a unique phone number. A cellular provider usually rings only one cellular tower, "the last with which your device has perform the handshake "synchronisation" but with the new Apple watch series 3 it might needs to ring 2 towers if you don't have your cellular or watch with you for each call, sms, emails etc..

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around
Hey Guys,
Stop refering to candian Carriers, refer to the Apple website they are the better place person for reference in this matter. Do you think Apple would mentioned on their website a lie such as this under Telus "coming later this year" if they knew they had an exclusivity agreement with any carriers?