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LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Any idea on when the new Lte Apple watch will be supported on the Rogers network? If it is supported what would be the price plan? 




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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Rogers has made a corporate decision not to support the Apple Watch 3 'at this time'.  This is too bad for me and other health and sports aficionados like me that have been waiting for the Apple Watch to become a stand-alone cellular device.  Of all the Apple announcements made yesterday it was Apple Watch 3 that got my attention and it's the one device where I'm going to upgrade.  Rogers decision must have anticipated a loss of customer base, and I for one will be checking out what Bell and Telus have to offer.  Sorry Rogers 'at this time' is not good enough.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for fixing your contradictions, I couldn't make sense of what you were getting at. 😛 


I think people want the latest technology now. That's where people are trying to figure out why Rogers would wait. I agree with you. I wouldn't change carriers for a watch, but as the focus for cellular data delivery changes, people will change to, which means switching providers.  If Rogers doesn't offer service for the watch in time, you're going to have people who are frustrated that they waited.  

If someone is waiving candy in their left hand that you can see and they have a closed right hand where there MAY be candy, people are going to take the candy they know exists. That's simple logic. And so for some, switching to a provider that offers the watch will make complete sense. For that, it's tough for anyone to argue otherwise. If you're not locked into a plan, make the switch! You'll get new customer incentives from Bell and Telus, there's no doubt about that. As for services, they are all going to be very comparable. The real service that matters is customer service. From MY perspective, Rogers has excelled in this over the others. 


Truly, I just hope Rogers sees the demand to get on-board with this technology. 

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @Staveros

Typing while on a bus isn't fun lol.

Yeah i agree with that but in the end I guess for them it was that decision they took.

Hopefully they change their views and add it to their portfolio.

Maybe they are also doing this to see the demand for it before adding it.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I've Been Around

Annoyed that I'm locked into a plan for another year. I want to get the Apple Watch with the LTE attached.

Annoyed all around. I am going to look into getting one with Bell and price it out. A friend of mind looked and she could add the watch for $5 a month on her plan.


I would LOVE to see Rogers add it. They need to get with the times.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @Carly6

That is true however you must have the same carrier in order to have the watch and phone working together as per Apple.

So all on all you would need to move ur line over and then get it.

I hope so too.