Iphone will not charge

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Iphone will not charge

My Iphone will only charge to 3%, then goes back down to 1%. When it is 'charging' it does not say it is and will not go any higher. I have reset my phone, restored it, turned it off mulitple times and nothing will fix it. Also, I have tried 6 different chargers and muliple outlets, and tried plugging it into my laptop and it still wont work.



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Re: Iphone will not charge

Hello keschroe

This means either the charging unit or the battery is done. If your phone has warranty left, contact the closest Apple store near you & make a appointment with the Genius bar. Have them look at it & they will most likely replace it with another iPhone ( same model as yours)


If your phone has NO warranty left, you will need to pay to get it fixed & the amount is something Apple or any cellphone store will give you as on here no one knows whats wrong with the phone.