IMEI Blacklist and stopping data use.

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IMEI Blacklist and stopping data use.

 I’m so angry I don’t even know where to begin.


On November 17, I lost my iPhone. I realized it was missing within 40 minutes of having lost it and immediately went into Find My iPhone to put it in Lost mode with a message on the screen saying something to the effect of “You found my phone! $300 finder’s fee if you could get it back to me asap” with an alternate phone number where I could be reached.


I then called Rogers, which, it seems in retrospect, was a terrible mistake (though the rep was super nice and tried her best to help).


I was advised to put the phone on the IMEI blacklist. I explained that I didn’t want my phone to be used for calls, but stressed it was crucial that data work so that Find My iPhone would have a chance at getting my phone back to me. I was assured that data would still work and that Find My iPhone wouldn’t be crippled, but that registering it into the blacklist would stop the phone from being sold / reactivated. So I agreed to do it.


Two weeks go by and Find My iPhone shows the phone as being continuously “offline”, which perplexes the heck out of me because it just seemed impossible that whoever had it wouldn’t have at least tried to turn it on even once.


I mentioned it to a friend, who asked if I’d put it on the IMEI blacklist. When I told him that I had, he informed me that all data was blocked and in that case, Find My iPhone had no way to communicate with the phone.


I immediately called Rogers.


The rep I spoke with was surprised at the advice the initial rep had given me, agreed that data wouldn’t function while the phone was on the blacklist and suggested we remove it from the blacklist at least temporarily, which I agreed to immediately.


It’s now ten days later and the phone still shows as “offline”, so I can only presume that the battery has since run out, or that whoever has it gave up on trying to turn it on when it couldn’t connect to anything for several weeks.


I called Rogers back tonight about the situation. The rep I spoke with was very understanding and appologetic and I was transferred to a manager to see what could be offered.


I certainly wasn’t expecting a free replacement – it’s in no way Rogers’ fault that my phone was lost - but I would have appreciated the opportunity to at least buy a new phone at a reduced price, given that the advice their rep gave me killed any chance of my recovering my device, locating it on a map or even wiping its data. 


The manager offered me $50 and informed me that Rogers can’t do anything beyond that as they aren’t responsible for 3rd party apps. I stressed that this wasn’t a question of a 3rd party app so much as it was about my being wrongly advised by Rogers that putting my phone on the IMEI blacklist wouldn’t cripple data on the device – which in turn led to problems related to a 3rd party app – quite a difference, in my opinion. The manager repeated that Rogers isn’t responsible for 3rd party apps, at which point, after having been on hold for ages and at my wits’ end with frustration, I completely lost it and yelled at him, which I’m not proud of, stressing that this was about Rogers giving me bad information that resulted in damages. Rogers accepts zero responsibility for this?


I told the manager that Rogers could keep the $50 and let him know that the company has lost a loyal customer of 19 years.


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Re: IMEI Blacklist and stopping data use.

Hi MD40,


I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your phone, that really sucks. I'd like to help, look out for a PM.