How to Activate an eSIM Card on Dual SIM iPhones

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Re: How to Activate an eSIM Card on Dual SIM iPhones

OK, I have the answer you've all been waiting for. I'm an existing Rogers customer, how do I transfer my number to an eSIM. I'll warn you now, after the novelty wears off, you may wish you had a physical SIM again.


First, if you're a consumer account, you will need to go to a store because they aren't sending out blank eSIMs yet. If you have a business account, you can ask for blank eSIMs. I just ordered a few recently. They cost around $8. You login to your Rogers BSS portal, and select change SIM. Enter the number of the ICCID (eSIM) as you normally would when replacing a SIM. Once done, your physical SIM will no longer work. You can remove it now. From your iPhone, go to cellular and Add Account.


Hope this helps some of you.

The ONLY caveat is, the line must be BYOD or contract free. I tried to activate the eSIM on a line that was still under contract, and it failed to update. Then I selected a different line that had $0 contract balance, and voila.


For consumer accounts, you would do the similar procedure in the Rogers portal and switch SIMs. For consumers, they need you to provide the ICCID of the original SIM as well as the new ICCID of the eSIM. Since I only have a personal Rogers which is contract free, it's unclear if the same rules apply here.


But as I was saying once the novelty wears off, you'll want to be back on a physical SIM - UNLESS Rogers creates a way to allow you to transfer the eSIM without having to get a new eSIM each time. It blows my mind why they have to mail out physical cards, when it's just a QR code. If you have to pay $8 - $10 each time for a new eSIM to switch phones, you're going to wish you had your physical SIM.