How i can unlock my iPhone?

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How i can unlock my iPhone?

Hi. I am sorry for my English. I from Russia. I have bought last year iPhone. It is locked for Rogers. How I can unlock it? Thanks 


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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

The only way i know is Jailbreaking it & downloading UltraSn0w. That is the only way to unlock you're phone unless you buy a unlocked one from Apple. Iphone 4 Can not be unlocked at the moment from what i have heard also.


If you are a Rogers costumer & have a monly plan call rogers & they might unlock it for you for $50. I do not know if this is still happening but you need a contract in order for them to do it. You're best beat is to either unlock it or call Rogers.

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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

I have not heard of anyone being able to get Rogers to unlock their iPhone but they say if you have finished your 3yr contract period they will unlock your phone for $50. If you just got it a year ago you will probably have to go the jailbreak route.



*** UPDATE ***



Hello everyone,


To update on that and for future reference:


You need not wait for the expiry of the contract to unlock a Rogers device. The device must have been activated on the account for a minimum 90 Days.


Of course if the phone has been purchase outright then there is no waiting time, you may get the device unlocked at any time for $50 + Taxes.



Hope that helps.

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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

hello my apple has the apple should be helping me with thanks 1 1 relatives buying the 16gb iphone 6 gold from usa send to Vietnam but when on to Vietnam, then the iphone 6 of work I'm stuck kick icloud apple id but I did not know then and I do not apple id can activate your iphone 6 I hope the apple helped me activate my iphone 6 6 my iphone  please help me unlock the iphone 6 this. thank you

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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

Good Afternoon @Trungtuan,


You mentioned that the phone was purchased in the USA. We can only assist in unlocking iPhones that were purchased directly from Rogers. 


If the phone was purchased from a provider in the United States you must contact that provider for unlocking requests.


Hope this helps!



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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

I don't know why Rogers is charging $50 to unlock a phone that you've practically paid double the price of as well as giving them 2 or 3 years continued business. It should be part of the alimony when you divorce Rogers. 2 years of paying way too much and every time you look at your bill there's something else they've charged you for. 

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Re: How i can unlock my iPhone?

Hello @StinkweedPayton

Unfortunately those are the rules from the CRTC. All carriers require you to pay a certain amount to unlock your device. Look at the carriers and see it. It also shows this on the CRTC website as well.

I do agree that since you are done your contract it should be a free unlocking but again this is something you should bring up to the CRTC which makes those rules.
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