Double messages from iPhone 5

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Double messages from iPhone 5

I am a pay-as-you-go customer (operating an iPhone 5) with the $5 messaging add on (250 messages per month). I often experience the phenomenon of having my messages sent twice within a couple of minutes and then having BOTH messages count towards my monthly allowance of 250. This only happens when texting while on the cellular nextwork, not when using iMessage while on Wi-Fi.


Rogers tech support said turn off iMessage, but this doesn't seem very satisfactory to me as I would have to then turn it back on to use iiMessage everytime I go back home (or any other Wi-Fi network for that matter).


Any suggestions other than upping my add-on to $10 for 2500 texts per month?





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Re: Double messages from iPhone 5

Any member of the Community able to assist @kennyt with their issue?




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Re: Double messages from iPhone 5

Hello kennyt

Have you tried doing a factory reset on the iPhone to see if that will fix the issue or even changing the sim cards?