Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

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Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

I've had a couple of instances travelling abroad with my iPhone 6 with Data Roaming and Cellular Data turned off that very small increments of data roaming show up on my account statement when I return to Canada. By small I these are like 29kb and 285kb data roaming on non-consecutive days. I am positive the phone settings were not changed while travelling. The Cellular Data Usage in settings on the phone says 0 bytes, so there is no record on the phone of roaming.  I have never turned data roaming on and when I travel abroad I turn cellular data off.   


The small amounts resulted in a charge coming through on my statement which Rogers kindly removed, but it concerns me that these charges showed up in the first place when I did everything right on my end. 


Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?  It's an iPhone 6 running IOS 8.2 (12D508).  


Much appreciated.  




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Re: Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

Hi @Sailorman ,


One thing that many smartphone users forget is that along with Apps, the phone itself uses small amounts of data. Whether this be do to Location Based Services, the use of a tool like a Compass etc. Smartphones are simply always connected. The only true fool proof way to prevent any data usage what-so-ever is to remove the SIM Card.




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Re: Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

I've been advised by Apple that if Roaming and Cellular data are both turned off, and the device itself says no roaming data has been used, that the phone has not accessed roaming data and the problem must be at the Carrier end.  


If there is leakage from the apps overriding these settings this must be a bigger problem than just my situation. And removing the SIM card effectively disables the phone completely so I might as well leave it at home.  


I wonder if others have any thoughts or solutions.   

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Re: Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

I have heard this is a known issues for some clients...Smiley Surprised

From my understanding they are pro actively applying credits for this issues... Smiley Happy

So if you notice the charges and have not received your credit or the full amount of the charge was not credit then I would call and have them look into it...

Hopefully this issues will be resolved soon..Smiley Frustrated



but the good new is they are aware of it and investigating the issue...



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Re: Data roaming off, cell data off, yet being charged!

One thing that some Rogers employees and people posting in forums forget is that Rogers blocks Data Roaming by default when travelling outside your home area. Should you forget to turn it off LTE or 3G while roaming, you still won't be able to u se your data...unless you have manually enabled Data Roaming on your device.


In my many, many years with Rogers, I only seen this popup up a couple of times only because I noticed data roaming appearing in my iPhone's usage. I looked at my bill and I didn't see any roaming or small data for that period. I even called Rogers and enquired about it.  Both times there was never any roaming charge.


If this data leakage is something new, then Rogers network's safeguards seem to be working and preventing the customer from being billed or activating any daily roaming plans.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about other providers such as Koodo where users are reporting frequent data leakages.