Charge for going over data limit?

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Re: Charge for going over data limit?

Hello DanyaB

You need to contact Rogers via Live Chat, or Twitter @RogersHelps or call them and see what they can do for u. They should be able to enable it again and explain what's going on.
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Re: Charge for going over data limit?

Definetly agree with Meowmix


He is right, blackberries in general compress data 10:1 and Iphones do not so their ratio is 1:1 without any compression


in theory a 1MB file downloaded on a blackberry is compressed to decrease the data used to approximately 10% of its normal size so about 100kb approx


The same 1MB file is downloaded as 1Mb... so yea u use a ton more data.

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Re: Charge for going over data limit?

I can't find my Roger wireless overage rate


Iam 600mb over for the month ( by accident I was sure I was on wireless during hrt ebig download) .

However I cannot find anywhere on thei nternet,  my rogers documention or their webisteon hoe much this might cost me.


Anyone have anyidea where I can find this info and why it is so hard to find?


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Re: Charge for going over data limit?

Hello @pthurston


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums Smiley Wink!


We’d like to help in getting you an answer. Data over usage rate is charged according to your price plan. Addressing your questions involves accessing your account. Next time you are online, please send out a Private Message via @CommunityHelps and we can provide you with an answer to your question.