Apple watch registration not working

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Apple watch registration not working

You’ve been so helpful, thank you.
I've Been Around
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Re: Apple watch registration not working

Is this still an issue? I've been trying to activate an Apple Watch with Rogers for 2 weeks now. The Watch app just loads the activation page forever.
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Re: Apple watch registration not working

Hello @NinjaLawyer,


Thanks so much for joining us here in the Rogers community! Hopefully, you'll find this forum helpful. I understand that you've been experiencing some issues when trying to get your new Apple Watch activated. We'll do our best to assist! 😊


Just to start off, in order to register and link your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you'll need to have an iPhone 6, SE or newer and the latest version of iOS installed for both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Also, please make sure you've been approved for the additional line on your Rogers wireless account before you get started and that you've successfully paired the watch to your iPhone.


What happens when you attempt to open the Watch app on your iPhone to register? Are you able to get to the login screen and successfully log in with your MyRogers Username and Password? (If you have not yet registered for an online profile, please do so here). Do you get bumped out, receive an error message, or does it just hang?


To get step-by-step instructions on how to register and link your Apple Watch to your iPhone, please click here. It also provides screen shots for reference as well!


We look forward to your response!