Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

So last thursday i received an email saying my phone was processed (activation) then shipped out the same day, i received it the following day!


however my second order (i have 2 phones on my account) which i was #5 in the Q i still haven't received and when i look on the reservation system it says processing (activation) since Oct 4th...boy that's 3 days of activating!


i think they've done that simply to move the Q along because it makes no sence that it's being activated for 3 days without it being shipped's been a looooong process and perhaps there is lessons to be learned here for the next launch of a phone.

1)corp customers rank at the very bottom

2) pre registering is only available to make you feel like you're actually going to get something...but in reality it means nothing.

3) the only positive side is that i got to speak to someone who perhaps saved me money by reviewing my contact and matching the better offer i would have received at Telus.

4)when they screw up they should be held accountable and compensate you somehow if things don't happen the way they said they were going to.


in the mean time...........still waiting

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

I think a lot of people, while very much ready to have their phone on launch day, would've found it bearable to wait...had they some better confirmation from Rogers. Apple didn't supply enough stock from the get-go. That in itself is a 'huh?' situation, but everyone here can accept that as being a separate issue. Most people's issue has not been "Where is my phone?? Why isn't it in my hand right now!" It's more like "What is happening with my reservation? Is Rogers aware that I haven't been notified of xyz, yet others have" etc etc. Almost every complaint is about communication. I think everyone here has a right to be completely irritated with Rogers as a service provider - especially when THEY initiated the idea that they would be keeping everyone up to date regularly with emails. What a joke. If that wasn't doable, they shouldn't have made the claim. And THAT problem has very little to do with phones being mass produced or shipped individually.

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Any idea how long the average time from "In Progress (Activation)" to "Shipped" is? What's with the delay? Do they wait for a whole bunch of activations to be accrued before shipping everything out? I understand that for shipments to stores, but what about corporate shipments which are shipped directly to you?


For the incredibly impatient of us out there, does anyone know if you can still go to a store to HUP if you are currently "In Progress (Activation)".

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.



That's even worse... 😞 😞


Hopefully we all get our new phones soon but taking into account what's going on I'm not really confident at all...

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.


"soon" is a relative term ... I was hoping by this Thanksgiving weekend ... now maybe November 2014 ...

So there are still a lot of people with status In Progress/Activating/Shipped, but no phone?

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Hello Pamena and SpeedyC

I do hope they start receiving more and ship them out. Honestly i don't see the hold up if the statuses see changed.
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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Dropped another spot due to a cancellation.  Meow, any idea if there'll be a shipment this week for consumers?  Being at #49, I SHOULD be put in progress at the next ship...

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Reserved a 6+ on Sept 12th at about 5 am and started at #582, to be delivered to Square One in Mississauga.


I have two phones/numbers, one for me, one for my wife. I got a 5c last Sept, she had my iPhone 4 (until she lost it in August). I reserved with her number (which I put on hold at $7/month, until we got a new phone). I work for a hospital in Toronto and have a corporate plan through them. I plan to use my old plan on the new phone and the new plan on the 5c, this should be doable considering I’m still paying for both plans just getting more data on the 6+.


After week one I was at 332, after week two I was 77, and then on Sept 28th I went to "in progress". Yesterday after becoming very inpatient I called Rogers. The message while on hold waiting for the business rep said that their reps didn't have any information regarding reservations, but I asked anyway. I was told that my reservation had been cancelled because I didn't use the business reservation site to reserve the phone!!! I used the "my Rogers" site. I Freaked!! I told the rep that I had reserved with my phone number which was on a business account (gov't). I told them about getting the progress emails and asked why I wasn't informed that my reservation had been canceled - No answer.


I then jumped on the net and found the phone at Future Shop about an hour from my house (in Orangeville). I called the store and the rep told me that they had a few 6+'s in SG. Then I went to the dentist, couldn’t really cancel. While in the waiting room I got an email from Rogers with the UPS tracking number. My phone had been delivered to Barrie!?


I really hope that Barrie has a distribution centre. The tracking number said that there were 7 parcels in the shipment.


Then later yesterday I got another email saying my account had been credited $40 for the reservation fee.


BTW I never received a text message.


I really hope it gets sent to Square One today or tomorrow.


This is crazy!

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

@ Steve247


Wow!  that is a good one.


Might even top mine.


Rogers Plus store that my phone is going to has moved to a temporary location with no phone.


Took me 2 weeks to get to the bottom of that.


Finally dropped by the temporary location because I am sure that my phone must have shipped (#8 when it went to "in progress" on the 25th).


At first the store rep was not going to check for my phone since I had not received a call.


But then she agreed to check (my 5 was lost and I was concerned that the store might have been trying to reach me on that #---of course, could not receive texts).


It appeared to me that she had to eyeball every box in the 20 or so stacks of phones sitting in the back room (which would mean they do not scan the labels when product is received and cannot check electronically).


Sadly, nothing about Rogers shocks me anymore

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.



   I have same situation as you had.  I have cancelled my reservation which is done on Sep 12. because it is reserve as my personal account even though my wireless plan is corporate account.     if I keep personal account reservation, I can get corporate plan.


  if you do not cancel  reservation from personal account, you will force to upgrade to all shared plan $85.


 I am not rush to get iphone 6+ any way, I cancel reservation from personal account, and reserve it again with corporate account so that I can qualify for subsidize and also good plan.