Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

I have been at 40 in the Corporate reservation for 5 weeks for a 6+ 64 GB. Total time has been 9 weeks. I am still listed as In Progress/Pre-fulfillment, but last night I am now listed as -10/402 (yes that is a negative) what does that mean???

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

I ordered an iPhone 6 Plus, space grey, 128 on Sept 12 under a corporate account.   10 weeks later, I am in the 60's in the queue.  I recently moved backward.  I phoned at week 4.  Rogers told me I was about a week away from getting it.  I phoned 2 weeks later and was told a week.  Two weeks later, another rep 'escalated' it but nothing happened.


After reading this thread and seeing others get their phone by complaining to the right person, and, seeing that stock has been coming in to stores, I thought I would try one more call to see if I could get one from a store.

So, yesterday I was told by the Rogers business rep that if I switch to a Business account (from corporate), and pay more per month, I could have my phone tomorrow as they would remove the lock on my account that prevents any store from selling a device to me.  


*** Updated *** Managed to reach an Account Manager today who said that some Rogers stores can in fact sell to me as a corporate account holder.  Will try that route.





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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Hi all, I am new here! I reserved a gold 6 64gb (not the plus!) and was number 83 on the waitlist as of Thursday (November 13). It appears I go done 1 spot a day and am now at 79 in line. I am wondering if anyone knows if this 1 spot a day is normal and if it's actually going to take 79 more days - in which case I will try and find a store that has one in stock. I was at the apple store over the weekend and was told they only have 6's in stock at 16gb, nothing bigger and no pluses at all!

Hoping for some positive news hear but prepared for the worst!
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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

went to 3 different lcoations yesterday for a 6+ 64 sg

-best buy

-future shop

-rogers (worst high school drop out hippie employees)


all 3 had them in stock, at 2 locations i even got to hold it in my hands, but couldnt take it home.


at rogers went to pay bill, all worked fine, asked for the iphone they said yah we got it, once i metnitoned im corporate, the system crashed somehow and was down all day, even though i just paid my bill 2 mintues earier. ok w/e


also they were so helpful, but once i said im corporate and came to get my phone, they became so rude and didint even smile and thats when i got angry


after a few more comments i was asked to leave the store.


i dont understand, i have the money, the phone is in stock, i ordered it, and cant have it.


best buy and future shop, no help there either.


i made a excel sheet to predict when i should receive my phone and if its going down in que as it has been, i will get mine on april 15 2015, and ordered on oct 9th.




btw is there a goverment divison agency to report rogers to, because this is criminal


that is all

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

@Doug_Caker, that last bit about you making a spreadsheet made me laugh big time! I needed that. This has seriously been a brutal waiting process with ppl sounding Iike they know what they're talking about but really not...and broken promises.
I reserved my iPhone 6 + 64gig SG on September 19th...and I honestly could've had the phone in my hand yesterday. The authorized dealer finally called me yesterday afternoon saying my phone came in and I can come pick it up that day. Finally felt the breakthrough, so I thought.
She calls me bk later that afternoon when I'm at work (about an 1hr before I get off) to say that the Rogers system is down and she can do my paper work with the new contract etc. She says she'd keep trying to see if it changes, but will call me bk if it does change and not call me bk if it doesn't. I could to believe it. Anyway, I get off work an hr later and think about driving there anyway since they close at 6 and I would get there at 5:30. She calls me when I'm 10min away and says the system is working again so I can come pick it up (my hopes go up again). So I get there...and when I'm 5 seconds from the store she calls me bk to say that it went down again and she can't process the agreement. We see each other on the phone as I'm not right infront of the store and I see my iPhone in the box next to her. I couldn't believe I had to wait extra again looking at the phone right infront of me. Because of my work schedule and them closing early at 6pm opening at 12pm (for some reason) I can't get my phone until Thursday because she will have it sent to another store in my region that closes at 8pm. Smh. Rogers system!!
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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Hello Hollywolly15

It is normal. It just means someone cancelled their reservation and u went down a spot. The bigger GB models for both models are mostly sold out with all carriers and with Apple as well.
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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Hi Meowmix,


I had a few questions about an Apple store reservation.


I've been in line for 2 months for a 128g SG Iphone 6+ on the Rogers business reservation site. I'm currently around 300th in line. I have a small business plan.


This evening I've was able to reserve my desired phone at an Apple store. I'd like to buy the phone there if possible, so that I don't have to wait in line any longer.


1) Will they let me buy the iphone under a 'small business' plan at the Apple store? I've read about people having trouble with corporate accounts, and I'm wondering if this is the same for small business accounts and whether I should expect them to tell me it won't be possible to set it up?


2) If it is possible to set it up, will I necessarily have to switch my plan? In the order form on the business reservation site, it did not require me to switch my plan.


If I run into problems at the Apple store, who do you suggest I call at Rogers?


Thank you!

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

I am so angry. Reserved iPhone 6+, 128 GBm Sept 14. Nov. 13 I received email that it was shipped. $40 credit to my account, etc. Called the store that "received" it - not there. Finally yesterday Nov.19, was told by the store that all they received were the free speakers that was part of the promotion when I reserved - NO PHONE. Long day on hold with Rogers yesterday, gave up. Today I got a human being who seemed to be trying to help but ultimately said that the lines were down and he couldn't talk to anyone who might be able to figure out this snafu.

 Couldn't even tell me if I would EVER receive the phone or if I go to the end of the reservation line or ANYTHINGSmiley Mad


I know that the 6+ are difficult to get but this is ridiculous!!! I am going to start looking around town and if I find a 6+ anywhere, I am taking it and am also closing my Rogers account too. (cable, internet, home phone etc =  > $3600 per year leeched from me)


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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Is there any phone number or person from Rogers that we can contact to raise our concerns to?  I have spoken on the phone a few times and gone through the online complaint or share a concern steps but I highly doubt any of it is actually being read or heard.  There must be someone at Rogers who can make a change for future reservations as this one has been an epic fail.

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Re: Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Questions / Reservation numbers!.

Hello mikeyjwillson

Unfortunately there isn't anyone from that department that we can speak to. You can contact the Office of the President and speak to them but no one will tel u who runs that. I have tried so many times