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Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

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Hello Everyone.


Seeing as Apple already announced the new iPhone which is called iPhone 5, this thread will be where you need to post questions & even your reservation numbers once Rogers announces it & puts it up. Please do not make another thread about reservation & all. I would like to keep it as one thread & clean..


Now all we need to do is wait for Rogers to announce when they will add the iPhone 5 to the resevation list & once its done, sign into your My Rogers account - Overview & you will see a Red wording saying " Device Reservation". Click that & it will take you to the page. Once there you will need to pick which device you want "16GB,32GB,64GB" & you just need to pick the store you want it to go too.


Also remember you are going to have to put down a $40 fee but once the device gets shipped, they will credit the fee back to you. Also remember you will not be the first to get the phone if you have a high number or a low one. The reservation list is made so they keep a phone in your name & you go pick it up once the store gets it.

This is something Rogers can not change unless they do.  The prices are going to be the same $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB & $399 for the 64GB version. Like i said those prices MAY change from Rogers but those are the prices Apple said they will be.


Also the prices for the new iPhone 5 outright price will be as followed:

iPhone 5 16GB : $699

iPhone 5 32GB: $799

iPhone 5 64GB: $899


Any questions?



Also remember please post anything related about iPhone 5 in here please.



EDIT* Rogers has posted a tweet that it will be avialble for the reservation system on Friday 14th.


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Re: Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

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Just went to check if my position on the waitlist had changed and my status has changed to "In Progress".  Says they will be sending me an email with the shipping details soon.  My hopes off recieving my phone on or near launch day just went up!

Re: Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

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If you are still getting an error when you try to reserve your phone and it says that you may not be eligible, here is what I just did that fixed the issue:


1. Removed my wireless account number in MyRogers


2. Signed up for a new MyRogers account with a different email address


3. Added my wireless account number to this new MyRogers account


4. Reserved my iphone and voila - everything worked perfectly


Only 36 hours of attempts before I figured this out.


Hope it works for anyone else still having an access problem.



Re: Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

I Plan to Stick Around

once gain, thanks you MEOWMIX! 🙂 

Re: Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

I Plan to Stick Around
was #1863 yesterday just looked now and I am #943

*fingers crossed*

Re: Apple iPhone 5 Questions / Reservation List Numbers.

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I hope I don't find out different when I get my phone.