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Apple Watch ordering...

I've Been Here Awhile

I am unable to order an Apple Watch... looked up on how to do so, says Find a Store, so I went into store today.. employees (two of them) both said I have to contact customer care to get one, I contact customer care.. they tell me in store... why is it so difficult? I just want an Apple Watch... I seen previous forum posts but they were from 2020, it is now 2023 and for some reason, still difficult.. 


P.S the store didn't say "we're out of stock" they simply said "You'd have to contact customer care" I do that and got no where. 


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Re: Apple Watch ordering...


Hello, @dontcare202.


Welcome to our Community, and thank you for sharing your Apple Watch ordering experience. 


It's disappointing that the store you visited couldn't help you purchase the watch. The best option is to call the nearby stores, check the stock, and book an appointment. 


Choosing the right store to call and check the stock is essential, as not all the services/products are available at all the locations. 


Please follow the link to find stores near you and enter your postal code, select Wireless and New Devices & Plans and Apply & Search as shown below:



Once you see the store list, click Check Services on the store of choice. You must see the following:



You can call a store that offers iPhone and accessories to check the Apple Watch stock you are interested in. I hope you find the watch you want and add it to your plan. 






Re: Apple Watch ordering...

I've Been Here Awhile

I am not going to drive to another city just to get a watch.., can I not just get it ordered online and delivered to my home like I did for my iPad? Why's it so difficult? I will switch providers if it's this hard.. 

Re: Apple Watch ordering...

Good afternoon @dontcare202,


Thank you for your reply. I understand you are not willing to drive to another city to obtain the Apple Watch you desire.


I am sorry to hear you are thinking of switching provider if we cannot have an Apple Watch sent to your home via an online order. Unfortunately, we are unable to enable that function, as it has not been available since beginning of March.


I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you. Have you thought of ordering the smart watch directly from Apple website? 


You can visit : for your options.


Hope this helps!



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