Apple SIM - Is it coming to Rogers?

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Apple SIM - Is it coming to Rogers?

The new iPad Air2 comes with a new Apple SIM, at least when purchased in the US and UK.  This  allows you to easily switch between wireless providers without switching SIMs.  The benefit of that is that you can travel in these countries without paying exorbinant data roaming fees and/or you could use a different network in your own country when your primary carrier is not available.


Current carriers that support Apple SIM are:  AT&T, Sprint, T-Mo and EE (UK).


Anyone have any input on whether Rogers will be supporting the Apple SIM in the future.


This sure would be useful.  My latest bill has $113.99 in data roaming for 124.9MB.  I was in the US for about 18 hours and I was in the UK for about 4 days.  If I could use local plans instead my roaming would likely have been around $40.



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Re: Apple SIM - Is it coming to Rogers?

Hello wayner92

Unfortunately there is no word on if Rogers will have it or not. I know Rogers will be selling the iPad mini 3 & iPad Air 2 ( As they are able to be reserved) but no word from Rogers if they will support Apple sim or not. I wouldn't think so as knowing Rogers they rather you get a plan with them & a sim card with them