Apple Devices in house suddenly aren't getting Wifi

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Apple Devices in house suddenly aren't getting Wifi

I was watching Netflix on my Apple TV, while the show was going my phone wasn't loading things.. didnt think much of it. After the episode ended it wouldnt load Netflix to go to the next episode. So I went and restarted the apple TV and my phone. Still no Fix so i did the unplug my modem/router for 30 seconds.. After that it wasn't working. I went over onto my desktop to update my playlists on my iphone (since I don't need internet for that) but the internet is working on my desktop. I don't know why the Apple devices which have been working fine suddenly aren't working with the Wifi? Anyone have any ideas or fixes?



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Re: Apple Devices in house suddenly aren't getting Wifi

Hi there are you using a seperate router on your modem? Cause I know I had a lot of issues using a seperate router connected to the modem but once I got a modem with builtin router everything worked fine.

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Re: Apple Devices in house suddenly aren't getting Wifi

When you say modem/router do you mean two devices or just one? What model of modem/router do you have? Are all your devices wireless or are any wired?
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Re: Apple Devices in house suddenly aren't getting Wifi

we have had this same issue for 5 months now and after having Rogers come to "fix" the problem four different times over the summer and also at Tier 2, it is still not corrected. The wifi on my ipad drops when I move more than 10 feet away from the modem. I was starting to think it was the ipad however, having recently been on vacation on an carribbean island, my ipad never worked better and the wifi signal was constant (amazing how a small island can get it right but Rogers can't). My daughters ipod also loses the signal and any guests we have over who have Apple products have difficulty connecting. This was not always the case - something has changed at Rogers end and they will not admit it. I know of others who have had the same issues and they seem to have started this past summer. We are a bundled client - this past May on the advice of a Rogers salesperson, I switched internet to Hybrid Fibre 30 to "save a couple of dollars" (and believe me when I say 'a couple' - thisis not a major savings). Well, I wish I never had because it seems the problems with wifi have escalated - plus I no longer have unlimited internet and when one of the tecchies came to try to resolve the issue, he changed out the 'better' modem we had with a lower cost version. All of these issues have been reported repeatedly to Rogers and at the tier 2 level twice - nothing has been resolved. Will definitely be searching for alternative packages for internet, home phone and cable.

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