Alternating between 2 Phones

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Alternating between 2 Phones

I have an iPhone along with a Oneplus One.


I would like to alternate between using the 2 phones. When I go to the Rogers site to deactivate the nano sim from the iPhone and activate the micro sim for the Oneplus, it responds with the following;


"Please note that these changes will take effect immediately and old SIM cards cannot be reactivated or re-used in the future.
Are you sure you wish to continue?"
Is this true? that my old SIM cannot be reactivated? If I call in, I am pretty sure I can activate my nano sim again so what gives.
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Re: Alternating between 2 Phones

Hello johnnguyen

Unfortunately that is true. If you activate a new sim card on your account the old one is no longer useful and is garbage. In rare occasions the old sim card may be activated again but it's rare and not something that will happen everytime. It has worked for me once or twice but that is it. All carriers do this not just Rogers. You need to to either get a Adapter for this or just buy sim cards or see if the Rogers store can give u a sim card for free.



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Re: Alternating between 2 Phones

Hello everyone,


Just wanted to add that after activating a new SIM card the previous SIM card(s) may be reactivated again, provided they have not been manually deleted, 


However, in this particular circumstance, I would, as Meowmix suggested, recommend the adapter as well. It will make things a lot more convenient.


Hope that helps