5th Generation iPad Pro

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5th Generation iPad Pro

Is Rogers planing on making new iPad Pro ( 2021) available to costumers ?



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Re: 5th Generation iPad Pro

Hi Everyone,


I'm wondering what the likelihood of Rogers having the new iPad pro available for pre-order for tablet plans this Friday? 

It looks like the previous gen smaller version was available at one point, but I couldn't get a straight answer from the sales team. 


Does anyone know?


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Re: 5th Generation iPad Pro

Good day @LiAs & @QballDS,


Thank you for your posts! I completely understand your interest for the new iPad Pro and I wish we had more details.


While we have no information as to whether Rogers will offer it or not, we invite you to keep an eye on the Tablets section of our website, as it will be updated with the most recent information. If the device you're interested in is not available for pre-order, it does not necessarely mean we won't carry it in the future


Don't forget! Whether you finance a tablet or bring your own, Rogers has a tablet plan for you. You can share your Rogers Infinite data plan with your tablet and it includes an additional 1GB max speed data to share with your other devices.