Transfer Data from an iOS Device to an Android Device

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Just made the leap from an iOS device to an Android device? Looking to transfer all your existing data? Well you are in luck.


Check out this helpful How To video to learn how.





Transfer Photos

1. Download the free Google Photos app from the App Store.

2. Login with your Google Account, and under the settings menu, turn on Backup and Sync.

3. After it is complete, you can view all your photos on your new Android device through the Google Photos app.



Transfering Music

1. Install Google Play Music Manager on your computer.

2. Music Manager will upload upto 50000 songs from your iTunes librairy to the cloud.

3. On your Android phone, open the Google Play Music app to access your music. 


Transfering Contacts

1. Goto on your computer and export your contacts as a vCard.

2. Once complete, transfer the new vCard to your Android device via email or USB cable. 

3. On your Android device, select the Contacts app.

4. Under settings, select Import and Export contacts and add the vCard. That's it!

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