Free Up Space on your iPhone

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Maxed out your storage? If so, it’s time to clean up and make room.


Here’s how:


1. Swipe through your screens and identify the apps you never use or games you don’t like playing anymore. Tap and hold your finger on one until they all start wiggling. Tap the X on the corner for each app or game you want to delete. When you’re done, press the Home button to stop the apps from wiggling.


2. It’s especially important to delete big apps that you don’t use. To find out how big some apps or games are, go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage, and you’ll see a list of everything you have installed, from largest to smallest. Select what you want to remove and then tap Delete App to finish the job.


3. Photos and video take up a lot of space, so delete what you don’t need anymore. But no need to delete one by one. Go to your Photos app > Camera Roll > Select to handpick each and every image you want to delete, then tap the garbage can icon. Follow the same steps for video clips and you will have saved some valuable space.


4. If you’re an avid iPhone photographer you might want to use this neat little trick to save from doubling up on images. When shooting in HDR mode (three images combined for best exposure), iOS saves both the final image and the original, but you can change that. Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and toggle off Keep Normal Photo.


5. Your Messages app may be cluttered with all the messages you’ve received, and you can do something about it by deleting entire threads. Simply swipe left on a thread and tap Delete to remove it. You can also set messages to delete automatically after 30 days or one year.

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