unlock code doesn't work

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hi,few days ago i buy a unlocked iPhone 5s from a guy,he said that he unlocked iPhone with rodgers.
Yesterday i reset iPhone to factory settings and its get locked again. I would like to know why this hapend.

Rogers Employee lockdown2341
Rogers Employee
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Re: unlock code doesn't work

He may not have had it unlocked through us directly. When Rogers unlocks a device, and the factory reset is done, it stays that way. If he had it unlocked through a third party, then the factory reset may have cleared whatever they had done to it and re-locked the phone. You should contact the person if you can and ask them if they had it unlocked by contacting customer service and doing so. If he didn't, the two of you might have to work something out because someone will have to pay an unlocking fee.

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG G4 unlock code not working




I have a Samsung S3 and a LG G4 and I've been trying for days to get my phones unlock, but both code given by Rogers are just not working. They is a max of 10 attempt on the LG and I am at the 7th attempt. I don't want to brick the phone.

The CS are just throwing the monkey to each other.  I pretty fed up with the service...

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hello @el_pablo!


Welcome to our Community!


An unlock issue such as this isn't something our other users will be able to help you with. I apologize for the trouble you've been having in trying to get this unlocked.


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can look into this for you. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hi I have a cellphone Samsung S7, I'm having the same problem and I tried 3 different codes they gave me and still won't work and also reset the code and tried again nope doesn't work I've been on this mission for almost 3 weeks



Retired Moderator RogersAli
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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hey @Xopookie23 


Welcome to the Rogers Community forums Smiley Happy


I know having the ability to use your device on different networks can be convenient. 


After trying so many codes you are still not having any luck, not to worry, we may be able to assist. 


The unlocking of a device requires access to your account and we would need for you to contact us via sending us a Private message @CommunityHelps


For more information on our Private Message system, take a look at this page.


Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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Re: unlock code doesn't work

I talked to Telus and they told me to get the code from Rogers and bring it to them to unlock. I did that and they inserted one of their sim cards and unlocked it for me. No charge. Telus does that for everybody as it is no big deal.

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Rogers also does that free now...this post originated three years ago.

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Samsung S3 will not unlock with code


Looking for some help please.


I am trying to unlock a Samsung S3 and the unlock code is not working.


I recently closed my Rogers account that was open for over 20 years, now I cannot call support

because I no longer have a account.  


Can anyone assist ?








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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Good evening @Vanv,


Welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear you're no longer with the company. I know how convenient it is to have an unlocked phone. I see you've reached out to us via PM. Hopefully the resolution we provided has resolved the issue for you🙂.