unlock code doesn't work

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

PLEASE HELP! I've tried everything to unlock my Rogers phone...nothing works.


Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that I want unlocked. I contacted Rogers several times including technical support.  They provided me with the unlock code and even the Samsung manufacturers master key code and both did not unlock the phone.  I contacted Samsung and they gave me the same unlock codes Rogers did.  They suggested I go to a walk in and have it unlocked for a fee. 


I had changed providers and used a non Rogers Sim card as instructed but no success.  I restarted the phone with the new Sim Card and also did a factory reset.  No luck.  Message still says invalid network code.  It's very frustrating.  I've tried everything.  Rogers tech support said they've done all they can, the phone can't be unlocked.  There was no other help they could offer. They told me to contact Samsung....no help as well.


Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks

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Re: unlock code doesn't work

Hi @mammasphone!


Welcome to the community!


I can appreciate wanting to see your phone unlocked and how frustrating this must be for you :(. Alas if we've already provided the unlock code and the master unlock code our ability to assist has been exhausted. You may need to take Samsung's advice in this regard. 


Perhaps other's in the community may have some additional insight though.