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no french Canada keyboard on Huawei GR5

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So my father got a Huawei GR5 from Rogers a month ago and yesterday when visiting him I noticed that the phone had an AZERTY keyboard on it.  I asked him why and he didn't know.  I then proceeded to change the country settings in the phone but to my great suprise there is only France and United States as countries in the phone!  We can't even select Canada.  And if you choose United States, the only keyboard available is the English or French from France (AZERTY) keyboard.  Also the Google store seems to default to the France store when you try to download an app (I was downloading WAZE and the only one that popped up had a France flag on it - go figure!)


Now he just wants to get another phone like a nexus 6p to avoid all this mess.


How can we fix this?  I've reached out to Huawei through their web site and no answer and also to our Rogers representative at Norcom Telecom.  Still waiting for them to get back to us.


Re: no french Canada keyboard on Huawei GR5

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Hello @maxou723

He might have set it up to that when the initial set up was done. I would say back up the device on the laptop or desktop via the software and then do a factory reset. This should bring u back to the factory settings and from there it should show u Canada.
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