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mms over wifi

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I'm finding that no mms', either voicemail 2 texts, or regular mms' are downloading when I'm connected to wifi.

OS there an appropriate setting that needs to be changed? Is it the carrier or device manufacturer that doesn't allow this?

Re: mms over wifi

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@Nogs wrote:
I'm using a note 5. Yes, it masks it. So again - to my question - is it a Rogers issue or a manufacturer issue. Because I've read that it's up to either/or to decide to permit this

I have a Samsung S6 Edge with Lollipop OS. I was on the LTE network & then turned on my WIFI, proceeded to send a MMS once connected & it worked. I also sent one back from the other device and it was received while my Samsung S6 Edge was connected to WIFI.


It may be an issue with your device as I was unable to find any settings relating to this, have you completed any troubleshooting yet?



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Re: mms over wifi

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you must leave your data connection ON.

I mean if you are on WI-FI but data connection OFF than you will not receive/send MMS.

Re: mms over wifi

I'm Here A Lot

I have a simiular issue with Samsung S7.  MMS text only works fine either on or off wifi. I can sent and receive attachments via MMS only when wifi is off. However, if I am connected to wifi, I can send a MMS text message, but as soon as I attach something like a photo, it will not send (when on wifi). Disable wifi and it goes. Yes, data is turned on and I have tried / verified the APN settings. Any ideas out there?

Re: mms over wifi

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this is not a solution to the problem.

Re: mms over wifi

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I have a LG G4 with WIFI calling turned on - it will do voice and text SMS, but MMS will not work over the WIFI on that phone - many discussions with support and I was told that it varies from device to device as to whether the MMS will work or not.


So from what I heard, it seems to be device specific, but what do I know - they have it functioning on some phones, turned off on various plan types, and not running on unlocked phones that aren't their branded ones.


So, I personally don't know what to believe on this topic anymore.  We have it on one phone, told it should work, but never did, and the tech support said, most likely the device is not fully supported, but not a definitive explanation.


So you are right, much of these are "non-answers". Device or Rogers - guess it depends.