galaxy note5 issues on 4g and signal.

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Re: galaxy note5 issues on 4g and signal.

Got my Note 5 back from repair, took 1 week to get back.

Its now working great again.. I get LTE again and works as it should.

The repair sheet that came back with it only stated they replaced something but didn't say what, I'm guessing radio or antenna.

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Re: galaxy note5 issues on 4g and signal.

I bought a galaxy note 5 recently. And since I got it, it has been having an on and off connection with the rogers network both voice and data at the same time. Someone in the community mentioned about loose sim card. So I did a follow up on this angle. I taped the sim card to render it immobile. I never had a disconnection since then. If you sandwich the adaptor with the sim card in it, in between two microscope glass slides, and shake it, it's noticeable the card moves.

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Re: galaxy note5 issues on 4g and signal.

Hello @Rudzduke

Thank you for that!. I have spoken to a few reps with Samsung, LG and Sony about this issue and confirmed that they sometimes make the sim card trays a bit bigger then they should.