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Re: blocking unwanted call

@mousetamer wrote:
Doesn't Rogers one number allow you to do this?

It does indeed. Blocking the number in Rogers OneNumber prevents the call from even going to the phone. The auto reject list just disconnects the call, though it still shows up in your call log.

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Re: blocking unwanted call

Is there an application that I can download to block certain numbers? I have an ex that keeps calling.

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Re: blocking unwanted call

Hello princessweiss

You can search on Google Play and you will find plent of free and paid apps that can block numbers from contacting you. From the link I will give you, pick the right app for your self. Here is the list.

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Re: blocking unwanted call

I would recommend WhosCall-block calls, texts app. Its also on googleplay.



Block unwanted calls and texts with WhosCall. Unlimited reverse Lookup for FREE! Show the caller's base location of incoming calls!


WhosCall guarantees you a FREE service! 300 Million phone number cloud database (keep growing) , including US, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe, Middle East, and so on.

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Re: blocking unwanted call

hi i want block unwanted callers
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Re: blocking unwanted call

Good Afternoon @banana1000,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


A great way to manage your calls is to use our Rogers One Number feature. You can sign up by going to the Rogers One Number website. It is a free service and allows you to block specific numbers, forward your calls etc. Click here for more information. 


If you have an iPhone you can add someone to your blocked list from the Phone, FaceTime, or Messages app:

  1. If you’re in Recents in the Phone app or in FaceTime, tap Info icon next to the contact or phone number you want to block. If you're in Messages, open the conversation and tap Details, then tap Info icon.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Info screen and tap Block this Caller.
  3. Tap Block Contact.

Hope this helps!



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Re: blocking unwanted call

@banana1000 wrote:
hi i want block unwanted callers

Why not just check the settings on your phone first. Many phones have a built in feature allowing you to block both texts and calls from specific numbers. This will save you from having to use yet another service from Rogers that often does not work properly as indicated here.

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Re: blocking unwanted call

Yes, same problem as you, now the charge is up, it is $6 now - ridiculous, for a 2 second get this clarified, they kept me hanging for 1 hour on the phone, and reps transferring the line till the senior manager was reached, who started to selling me their other features rather than solving the call block issue as reported .... no doubt the credibility is going down
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Re: blocking unwanted call

Hi, I have a Rogers BlackBerry PRIV with Android 6.0.1.


Rather than using a call blocking app, I use a rather frugal technique:

1. Set up a contact named Ignore

2. For that contact, I have assigned a "silent" ringtone

   (Google silence.mp3, download and place in Ringtones folder)

3. The first time I get a spam call I simply select that phone number and add to the "Ignore" contact

4. Voila ... piece and quiet

5. The only residual is you will see a missed call, but never hear one


Have a good day, eh!

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Re: blocking unwanted call

annoying calls


so I keep getting collection calls I told them wrong number and still call so what can be done thanks ??? I am getting a samsung note 2 soon if it will allow me to block numbers great alot say providers can block but reps say no they cant so I am getting fool arounds thanks :::