Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Can't get RCS to work


I have just this week transferred from Videotron to Rogers. One of the things I was eager to try is RCS, but I simply cannot get it activated/enabled. I have a OnePlus 3 running LineageOS 15.1 (Android Oreo 8.1) and the latest version of Google Messages.


There are no banners or settings about "chat" or "enhanced messaging" anywhere.


I have tried asking online chat support, but two supports did not know what RCS was and the third told me it wouldn't work because I hadn't bought my phone from Rogers (which, I suppose, is possible, but seems like a terrible answer).


Any tips?

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Hello @yanikproulx,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for reaching out.


I can definitely appreciate your interest in RCS. I've been using it for some time on my Note 8, and the features are really handy.


Unfortunately, it is indeed true that we can't guarantee 100% functionality for all services on a non-Rogers device. However, there are ways for us to look into this for you.


Please send a PM to @CommunityHelps when you get a chance. To learn more about our Private Message system, check out this blog



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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

do older phones, like the Galaxy Note 4, support RCS enhanced messaging if I use the Android messaging app by google? 

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?


@imeem wrote:

do older phones, like the Galaxy Note 4, support RCS enhanced messaging if I use the Android messaging app by google? 



any device running android 4.4 or higher

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Except that it's not quite true. In theory, every Android phone running 4.4 and up is CAPABLE of supporting RCS, but Rogers actually CHOOSES which phone/model will have access to it on their network. (for example, I have a OnePlus 3 that totally supports RCS on other networks, but that Rogers chooses not to support)

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

The option for the RCS enrollment is under the Advanced menu in Messages. You likely know this. As far as I know, RCS through Messages is supported by every Android phone running Lollipop and higher. My Nexus 5 with Marshmallow ran it good. I'm not sure why this option may be hidden from your OnePlus 3.


- open Messages so you are not in a chat with anyone

- click on the 3-dot menu in the upper right

- select Settings

- select Advanced

- the first option is where the menu resides and is called "Chat features" and is described "Use data for messaging when available"

- below that option is "Group messaging" and below that is "Auto-download MMS" etc.


If you have "Chat features" available in the Advanced menu, and the phone has not been setup for them, it will open a blue screen titled "Do more with Messenger". 

On the lower right you then would click "NEXT" and after that a white circle spinner indicates it is trying to connect to the carrier network.

a) the spinning circle turns into a checkmark... this means that RCS is ready to use... this should happen within 20 seconds if things are OK

b) after more elapsed time and a spinning circle the page changes and you see the text "Excuse the wait..." with a big dismissal button "GOT IT"... this is bad but can be fixed!


In the event that your Messages does not complete the RCS enrollment like in step b above, you need to contact the carrier (Rogers). You need to ask them to reset your RCS profile in their system. If they do not know, a 2nd level tech should assist them to find your "profile in the network" using their tools. They should "see" your phone in the tool, and after asking you to reboot the phone (shut it off and then on at some point), you may now get RCS to enroll. While using the tools they have, they can send you a test RCS message from the Google Jibe server to confirm it is working.


I suggest you clear the cache and data for Messages before calling Rogers. Google the steps to do this.. please.

I suggest you communicate with Rogers during less busy times to get this done. I also recommend using a live chat. Like this:


Reason for chat: My Enhanced Messaging / RCS on my new phone won't setup.


[Rogers] how are you whats wrong..

[You] My Android Messages RCS Enhanced Messaging is not enrolling / provisioning with the Rogers RCS server.

[Rogers] umm.. whelp!

[You] if you're not too busy please ask about this with a 2nd level tech.. I've heard that you need to delete my RCS  (Rich Communications Services) profile in the network!

[R] hey I need you to turn your phone off...

[R] turn it back on...

[R] go try enrolling again

[You] IT WORKED! EUREKA! I got the spinning circle and then a checkmark!



If it doesn't work then, I suppose try again another day. Make sure you have cellular and WiFi data on. Be sure to clear the cache and data before re-attempting the enrollment; you don't loose any texts doing that.

Anyways, hopefully this helps some people and maybe even some poor overwhelmed Rogers techs out there.











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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?



Like my previous message states, you should have the menu option in Messages under Advanced named Chat features.
If you do not, I'm almost certain it is your OnePlus 3/Lineage OS. Possibly your phone is rooted and Messages does not allow RCS on rooted phones.
Google this and let us know.

For me my Nexus 5, Nexus 6P and Pixel 2 all have that menu option in Messages and RCS works.

Good luck.

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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Hey I know Rogers has enabled RCS function if you download android messenger. But bell has Samsung messenger native app working for RCS. Does Rogers have any info on when they will enable it?
Link to bell enabling it
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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Good day @daniel10,


Thank you for your post! I definitely understand your interest in the Rich Communication Services features of the Android Messages app.


In the article you referred to, it states : "Bell is the second major carrier to launch RCS messaging after Rogers [...] debuted RCS support in December 2016.".


In fact, since April 2017, phones with Android Messages preloaded have Enhanced features enabled.

  • Enhanced features only work between phones that have Enhanced features enabled.
  • Installing the app for the first time or updating the app will display a banner at the bottom of the screen letting you now that Enhanced features are available.

Find more information on Messenger for Android in the FAQs Support Article!


Hope this helps!



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Re: Will Rogers support RCS enhanced Messaging?

Yes I'm aware RCS works with andriod messages but I was asking and hoping Rogers would get with the times like bell and make RCS work with Samsung messages. The native messaging app on all Samsung phones