WHEN: Samsungs Features on the Roger's Network

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WHEN: Samsungs Features on the Roger's Network

When is Roger's going to support Samsung features?

Which features do you ask. Well, the same ones that are down in the USA

- Video calling

- RCS for Samsung's Messenger

- Visual voicemail


Did Roger's make a deal with the Apple? Why are we held back?



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Re: WHEN: Samsungs Features on the Roger's Network

Hello @goehard,


Thank you for posting your inquiries to the Rogers Community!


We would love to make all these features available to you and other Samsung device users if we could!


We still have very limited information about RCS for Samsung Messenger. Keep an eye on this thread for more information.


About the visual voicemail for Android, I'm sorry to say it's not supported. You can check out the Android Visual Voicemail thread, where this topic is heavily discussed.


Could you clarify what you mean about the "deal with Apple"?


I am not sure what you are referring to exactly. Let us know!