Voicemail Notification Issue

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Re: Voicemail Notification Issue

Hello, @Sadeq1.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. We'd love to help resolve the voicemail notification issue for you. Have you tried deleting the phone app data as suggested in this thread? To do this, you can navigate to Settings/Apps/Phone/Storage/Clear data. 


If the issue persists, we can look into the voicemail settings on your account. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.




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Re: Voicemail Notification Issue

Voicemail notifications with no new voicemail on Pixel 4xl eSIM


I can't seem to make the Vmail indicator to go away. I have no vm saved for either phone line. I tried to clear the cache and data on the phone app, which helps temporarily, but it eventually comes back. I've restarted phone. My physical SIM card which is with Telus (eSIM with Rogers) does not have this problem.

I reached out to Google, and they did some trouble shooting. Nothing worked. They told me it's likely an eSIM issue and that I need to contact Rogers.

Can you please help?

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Re: Voicemail Notification Issue

@Pgg101 : check out the following recent thread. It's iOS, but may work for you?




Note the need to be well connected to the network.

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Re: Voicemail Notification Issue

Hi pgg101. Since the problem is with your telus sim and not Roger's try doing this: have a friend or family member call your telus line and don't answer let it go to VM make sure they Leave A Message. Wait 5 mins and call and check your messages (make sure you have strong Signal/Mad Seeg) and DELETE them wait 10 seconds after it's all done hang up and then it should go away. Let us know.

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Re: Voicemail Notification Issue

Thank you very much. I have gotten so used to hitting star after checking my voicemails that I am not even sure if the problem persists. I will attempt to keep an eye out on my next voicemail message prompt and message retrieval. Thank you RogersCorey!