Using US Sim to unlock device?

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Using US Sim to unlock device?

I requested and received an unlock code from Rogers  for an S6(speedy and painless service using the chat function, was much appreciated). I have a great affiliate plan through my wife's employer so don't plan on leaving anytime soon but

I will be travelling to Florida soon and planned on picking up a pre-paid SIM when I arrive in lieu of paying roaming charges. Does anyone know if a SIM from say AT&T or T-Mobile will work to unlock? Or should I borrow a friends non-Rogers SIM and do the unlock before I go?

Thanks for any help.




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Re: Using US Sim to unlock device?

Hello @Willhound,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums Robot Happy!


I don't see why a US SIM wouldn't work in this scenario. Unlocking an Android device requires a non-Rogers SIM card. But if you want to save yourself a hassle of any issues coming up while you're on vacation than you may as well complete the unlock process while you're still here? 


Let us know if you have any other questions!

Have a good time!