Unlocked Google Nexus 5X Roaming Issues

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Re: Unlocked Google Nexus 5X Roaming Issues

Bad to hear that there are no bars on network icon on your device. But don't worry i have best quick fix for this issue. Hope this may help you:

  • Go to Settings > mobile + SIM, tap on Highest connection speed and switch it to 2G
  • nce you've switched your Nokia Lumia to 2G
    Turn your Nokia Lumia off completely
    Wait 10 seconds
    Turn it back on again
  • Go back into Settings > mobile + SIM as shown above and switch Highest connection speed back to 3G
  • If your Lumia doesn't reconnect automatically after switching back to 3G, go to
    Settings > mobile + SIM > SIM settings
  • Tap on Network selection > Search for networks
  • Select your Carrier once the search is complete and you should connect successfully.