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Unable to use Phone Overseas

I've Been Around

I am not able to use my phone outside of Canada. Every time I travel I get a message unable to register SIM on the network. I believe there is a block on account since I lost my phone oversees a few years ago and called Rogers to place a block. I talked to a customer rep on the phone and they told me they don't see any blocks but I traveled recently and my phone still didn't work. I don't believe its tied to the phone since it only started happening after I lost a phone oversees. Can someone please assist?


I believe this is a similar issue to the following:






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Re: Unable to use Phone Overseas


Good afternoon & Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums @malik_arefin,


 Not being able to use your cellphone especially when away is definitely very inconvenient. May I know what phone you're currently using?  You should be able to manually select a carrier under Settings and resolve the issue. 


If you'd like we can take another look into your account to ensure there aren't any blocks that may restrict you from using your device outside of Rogers Network. Since Community is a public platform, I'd encourage you to PM us @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. 


If you're not familiar with our private messaging system please visit the blog here







Re: Unable to use Phone Overseas

I Plan to Stick Around

Before moving out of canada activate roaming or internation roaming. call at customer care. or it may possible that in that country roger dont have tie up with any other mobile network provider so you want able to register mobile.

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