Strange voicemails

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Strange voicemails

Hello there,


Ever since I transferred my phone number from a previous provider and phone to my new one, I keep getting these strange voicemails daily from the same caller whom I've attempted to block but they can still leave voicemail. They leave about 1-3 voicemails daily, they usually are silent but sometimes a person will say "Hello?" sometimes even "STOP CALLING ME!"... Is it possible for somebody to compromise my phone number and make outoging phone numbers on my behalf? I don't want to get in trouble and I'm wondering if they can block people using my voicemail?


I have an HTC ONE m8 and used to have an iPhone 4S, although I don't believe this should mean anything.





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Re: Strange voicemails

Hi @Jessesau 


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That could be very frustrating to get multiple voicemails a day and especially to a number you don’t know.


Rogers One Number will allow you to block individual numbers and would not be able to leave a voicemail.


Let us know if you need any more assistance!



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Strange voicemails

I blocked him/her via one number. I don't see his calls in my history but he left another voicemail today somehow.
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Re: Strange voicemails

hey @Jessesau when you block a number, the call goes straight to your voicemail the only way around this is disabling your voicemail. In regards to this person who keeps calling you and leaving messages saying "stop calling me". Ever heard of something called number spoofing? Maybe someone playing a joke and spoofing your number



  • Spoofing refers to a spam call or text that’s sent by a third party, using technology to make it look like it came from a customer’s phone by changing the calling line identification.
  • Call or text spoofing is an issue that affects customers across the industry. All wireline, wireless, and VoIP-based phone lines are affected.
  • If the customer receives a call with a spoofed calling line ID (e.g. “you have won a free cruise!”) the best thing to do is to hang up.
  • They should carefully review their bills and contact us immediately if they notice any irregular charges.
  • We take this issue very seriously. It’s something that affects everyone across the industry.
  • We are working with the CRTC and other federal enforcement agencies to investigate what can be done about call and text spoofing.
  • Customers can call the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre to find out about scams and fraudulent activity.



** If it keeps happening i would suggest changing your number