Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)

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Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)

Specs--I use a Nexus 5 with the most recently updated software (KitKat 4.4.2?). I use Hangouts for texting, and that has also recently been updated. My friend uses an iPhone (maybe 2?) and whatever texting app is standard with iPhones.


For a couple of months now, she's been getting some weird texts from me. For example, I will send a text like this but she will receive this (sorry, I can't insert photos and it's best to see screenshots of the problem).


For those of you who don't want to look, I will have texted:


Normally wouldn't a new supervisor come talk to a new employee to see if everything's OK?


But what she will receive is this (not the colour, just the change in content--I used red just to make the problem clear):


Normally wouldn't a new supervknow if I want to. I have to decide if it's worth it. If it and other validconcerns could force a deployment then maybe it would.


So what she receives is not what I sent nor what I see on my screen. the part in red that she receives is part of a text I sent a week or so ago to her, and which has already been deleted from my phone.



What could be happening here? Is it a problem with her phone or mine? Or with her network or mine? Her texting app or mine?


Has anything similar happened to anyone here? She the only person who has these problems. No one else I text (most have androids, but a couple have new iPhones) gets these weird texts. She does not have this problem with any of the other people she texts, either.



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Re: Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)



I have a Nexus 5 myself and running 4.4.2 as well.  I've sent the exact message to a coworker using an iPhone and the recipient received the same exact message.  Do me a favor have her remove all your contact information from her phone including previous SMS conversations she had with you.  Do a few more tests over the weekend and let me know if you are still getting the same problem. 



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)

sorry for the much delayed reply.


We've been doing a lot of testing. / texting I had her remove my contact info and messages from her phone, and it seemed to work! At least for a while. After several hundred texts (a period of a few weeks), it started happening again, so she removed my contact info and messages again, and all was good. The last time she removed me was a few weeks ago and nothing unusual has happened since then.


Although it's still happening, it seems as long as she deletes me every so often, it won't happen nearly as often as it used to. For now, this is the best solution to the problem. It would be nice to have a permanent solution, but from what other iPhone 4 (she had an iPhone 4 not 3 as I had previously reported) users told me, problems with the texting app are not unusual. No one has had the same problem we were was having, but they've had other problems.


Thanks so much for the help! If it ever stops for good, I'll update again!

Retired Moderator RogersRavi
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Re: Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)



I am glad this is a temporary solution for your current issue. 


Not sure if this was done on the iPhone as of yet, but you can certainly try as you have nothing to lose.  Have them reset their network settings on the phone.  Settings-->General-->Reset-->Reset Network settings.  When doing so you will lose any pre saved wi fi networks on the phone but you can re ad them when connecting to them again.


Does anyone in the community have any other suggestions or feedback for googlegroups8?



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Re: Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)

I have the exact problem.  Text will be added to my SMS and being sent without my knowledge and will not show up on my message screen.  It happened to me twice so far.  First occurance was about 6 month ago, 2nd time was a month ago.  I am using HTC One X and my friend also use an HTC.  The issue seems to reoccur randomly.   I did not  try the temperory solution as i just come across this conversation now.  However, even without trying that temp solution, it shows the issue does not happen frequently.  It takes time for it to reoocur. 


Would it be an issue related to Rogers One Number? because since I have rogers one number activated, I will randomly recieve one of my incoming SMS twice (not instantly it usually have some lag).   Then recently on top of that issue, this add-text problem starting to happen.  

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Strange text issues with Nexus 5 (Hangouts)


Thanks. I'll ask her to try that. 


Could you tell me what resetting the network settings would do? If that helps, would it mean the problem is not with the phone itself, but with the network?


re: the Rogers One Number--I never registered for one, and she's on MTS, so I'm pretty sure that's not the issue.

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