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Samsung galaxy note 5 Questions!

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Did Rogers stop supporting this phone for security and or any more bug fixes? will google stop supporting soon in chrome for android 7.0?




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Re: Samsung galaxy note 5 Questions!

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Hello @cafekief

As per a rep from Samsung that I spoke to a while back, he said all Canadian carriers have stopped supporting updates for the Note 5 since it's almost a 4yr old phone. As per the comments he said they are pushing the newer phones instead. Also Samsung will stop supporting it as well.

As for Chrome, you will need to contact Chrome and or Google directly for those questions and answers.

Re: Samsung galaxy note 5 Questions!

Chrome will no longer be supported on Jellybean devices is the answer to the Google Chrome question. It has nothing to do with carriers however, it's a choice that Google made since the operating system is very old as of now, and they are focusing on the newer releases, as they are revising their entire mobile application product line to update to the material design, which isn't something that fits with the Android Jellybean operating system.

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