Samsung S6 Edge No "Edge" data service

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Samsung S6 Edge No "Edge" data service

When I am in central ontario there is an area where the service coverage is relatively weak due to hills and valleys.  In an area roughly the size of a typical house lot I can get 4G service and Edge service and sometimes no service.  If I get 4G with 1 bar I can get consistent internet service.  If my phone is showing 2-3 bars with Edge service I never get any response back from data (but I can make clear phone calls and send/receive texts).  It seems like there is actually no data packets being exchanged because I can open a browser and let it try to load something and it will literally never load.  When I first got the phone I just assumed I wasn't being patient enough since I know Edge is slow but I am wondering if there is actually an issue with my phone or service or something.  I previously had an S4 used in the same physical location and if I had Edge service I would be able to browse the Internet still (slow but at least it worked).


Is there something different about the S6 Edge that just does not allow data on the Edge network?  Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot / resolve this or is this expected?  Maybe the coverage in my area has just degraded since I switched phones but no one else (including my wife with her iPhone 5s) complains about the same issue.


Suggestions?  Ideas?  Solutions?



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Re: Samsung S6 Edge No "Edge" data service

Hi @digitalterry,



Thank you for your post. Smiley Happy


I understand you are not able to get the data to work on your Samsung S6 Edge when connected to the Rogers Edge network. Although the Edge network is more suited for the voice due to its stability, at times you maybe able to connect to the data for basic data functions which do not require much speed. What have you tried so far? Have you tried power cycling or resetting your phone? I suggest enabling airplane mode, disable airplane mode then setting the network mode to GSM only. GSM will only give you access to 2G (and 2.5G) data networks using GPRS or EDGE data standards and speeds.