Samsung Galaxy S8+ Power button issue

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Power button issue



Only 24 hours after I get my new S8+, power button already fail... Double click impossible to access the camera and simple click really not easy to do... It feel like a semi-dead button... Rogers accepted to exchange rapidly, really easy to deal with, but someone else with this problem? Can I expect my new one will be ok?


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S8+ Power button issue

Hello @Balther

Hmm weird mine works just fine and works for ry camera too as well. Urs must of been a defect. This happens from to time on any electronic system or even a car. So i wouldnt be to worried about that.

Yes your new one will be fine. Please do remember this is a electronic device which sometimes they come as lemons or defects. This happens to everything actually. So ur new one will be fine.