Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Colors

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Colors

When will Rogers begin carrying the S7 edge in silver, gold and white?

Or will it remain strictly as a black phone on rogers?

I see even the Note 7 is getting all 3 colours available, so why not for the S7 Edge?




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I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Colors

I believe that is up to Samsung. I think they have say in what colors that carriers get. Notice how all carriers only got the black S7 Edge.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Colors

Fair point, in the US and the UK carriers have all colours available...? 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Colors

Hello @sawhcale

Samsung Canada made a statement back in March when the S7 and S7 Edge came out that they will only sell the color S7 edge from their Experience store. No carrier will get it. That's how it went. Samsung makes those rules so its not Rogers or any carrier.

As of the states, i believe they did but u would have to check their sites to see. Again Samsung Canada and Samsung US is different. So they don't do the same deals and such.