It was earlier reported that Samsung was facing issues in manufacturing the dual-edge curved screen for the Galaxy S6 edge, leading to lower production. Now, it is being rumoured that the supplier tasked with producing curved glass for Samsung is struggling with less than 50 percent yield, forcing Samsung to look out for a new curved glass supplier.

The Korean smartphone giant originally expected the supply of around 8  – 8.5 million curved glasses for the second quarter of 2015, but at the current yield, it might get around just 6 million units. The process to manufacture curved glasses is quite complex, as it needs high-end machinery, which can twist the glass symmetrically after heating it to 800 degrees celsius. This is the reason why the lesser units of the Galaxy S6 edge will be available, and priced higher than the Galaxy S6 at the same time. Samsung is expected to build around 4 million units of the Galaxy S6 edge by the end of April, and put it up for pre-order at the start of the same month.