Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update


You are not alone with this 


I started noticing this over the last three days.  Everything indicates normal but nothing comes through. Browsers all indicate no internet connection and email goes offline. Notifications, calls, and texts all stop. Reboot the phone and I'm flooded with everything I've missed at once.  Also seem to be getting more 4G connections in areas I always had LTE reception.


@Vandrew wrote:

Hey guys, I'm a new poster here and it's mainly because I can't find anyone else who's had this issue with their S6 as of yet. 


Since updating my Galaxy S6 to 5.1.1 Lollipop, I've been having mobile network connection issues.


I've noticed that when I move from an area of poor service, to an area of adequate service, where the mobile network connection frequency protocol is required to switch modes, the phone's connection will in a sense, "freeze."  When this happens, my phone indicates that there is still a mobile network connection, but there actually is not. All attempts to revive the connection fail. This is pretty annoying because I actually don't know that my phone isn't recieving any messages/calls until my family or girlfriend message me through some alternate service in which then when i restart my phone i'll recieve the influx of everything I missed. The phone WILL NOT be able to send/receive calls/text/data until the phone is rebooted.


I was wondering if anyone else experienced or is experiencing the same issue? I really don't know what to do right now, as i've never dropped my phone so I don't think there should be any thing wrong with the phone physically. 


Thanks a lot!






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Community Manager
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update



My Moderators and I have been replying quite frequently in this thread. As detailed here last Wednesday (1 day after 5.1.1 was released) on Page 23, @RogersAsif advised if anyone is having issues to please reach out to @CommunityHelps so we can open a Case on the account.


Cases help with tracking, identification, and logs to found the basis of issue resolution for both OM's and Carriers.






I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

@RogersDarrell, my point is that Rogers is not being upfront and transparent about the current state of the 5.1.1 upgrade, nor indicating its plans. 


Yes, it is good that Rogers is helping its clients one by one, out of sight, but I think a lot of people on this thread would like to know, right on this thread:


1) Is the S6 5.1.1 update fully resolved, with full and problem-free LTE, calling and texting?


2) If not, then what is the timeline for fixing this?



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

After appying the update early last week, I had all the bugs talked about here : unregistered sim card message, no phone service, no data service, no sms service.  Also my phone would no longer connect to my office's wifi.  After a few phone calls to customer service and tech support, I managed to get the thing working again (tech told me to turn off my phone, take sim out, he did something on his end and the told me to put sim back in and restart device.  My phone and sms and data were now working. Data was stuck at 4g for around a day but then went back to lte like before. I still can't connect to my office's wifi (all other wifi connections work fine).  Since my call to support and the fix on their end (not sure what was done), I don't think I've had any dropped calls or service outages.  



I hope they can fix this for all the users who are still having problems.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

hello everyone

apart of many other problems I had with Rogers, this one is definitely the worst one; more than one week with intermittent service is not acceptable, more when I'm trying to run a business and I need the phone like air

after 75 minute of waiting (the initial waiting was 12 to 18 minutes, yeah I have a business account and we have a preferential number to call but the service from their part is not there), and after another 2 hours on the phone with some tech guy, who probably did all he had on his checking list, the problem is still there and worse;

not even one hour after I finished with him, I stopped receiving calls, and notification messages arrived 3 hours after (supposed I should take this like an improvement after 16-36 hours delay experienced before)

however, I had the similar problem with incoming calls going to voice mail since forever, but was only one or two calls per day, and at least the notifications arrived instantly after.

if anyone knows here, how I can cancel the contract, and return their phone, so I can find a provider who repair the network and software in decent time.

and btw, even I called like 8 to 10 times in the last 2 years complaining about call waiting not functional, was only today that the tech told me very naturally that the call waiting was not even activated on my account, so I paid for it since the beginning for nothing.

but that's rogers, after you sign, you're on your own. just pay the bill and go on.




I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

Hello @catamtl

Unfortunately you can't return the phone if you passed the 15 day policy. You will have to contact Rogers or go to a Rogers store and ask to cancel or transfer your line to another carrier. At that point they will let you know what is your owing balance on your Flextab. Your Flextab, plus $12.50 disconnection fee and your last month's invoice will be billed to you. You keep the phone as Rogers won't take it back.
I've Been Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

I have a Galaxy S6 from Rogers in Canada and I updated from 5.0.2 to 5.1.1 last week and my battery life has gone to crap, my usage patterns and apps remain the same as before. Previously I would get about 4 hours screen on time (SoT), 5 on a good day. Now I can barely get 2.5 hours SoT. I have no other problems with this phone, none of the RAM issues, lagging, or over heating other people have mentioned, my only problem is the poor battery life.

The apps are primarily use are Facebook, Puzzle and Dragons, Messenger, and Chrome, I realise that these are battery guzzlers but 2.5 hours is ridiculous and I used to get more using the same apps. I typically start using my phone around 8am from 100%, and by 5pm after 2.5 hours SoT it is around 20% battery life, previously it would hit 20% around 11pm with about 4 hours SoT. No apps are draining a particularly large amount according to GSAM.

To reiterate the things I have done to improve my battery life are:
1. disabling unused apps in application manager
2. setting brightness to lowest setting on auto
3. restarting phone
4. restarting phone in safemode
5. clearing cache
6. performing a factory reset after updating to 5.1.1
7. leaving wifi gps off when not in use (but I'm not constantly turning it on and off either)
8. Greenifying apps I use less than once a day (but anything with push notifications is not Greenified)

Additionally I have not moved or anything and reception in my area has always been decent. My phone is also completely stock, no custom ROMs or rooting, Knox is still untripped.

On a positive note the battery is the only thing I have been having an issue with; no issues with lag or connectivity problems thankfully. However, I am very frustrated with this battery life.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

great! before i have this problem too but when i restart or turn off phone then turn on after like 2mins, no more problems! BUT NOW, i cant even call anyone and when i text it wont send 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

I've been having this problem since August with rogers giving me the run around and telling me it's the first they have heard of it.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 5.1.1 Update

ok, now bugs have popped up 2 weeks after updating just like AJ1 just said.. had a text from my mom saying she was having issues with her phone ( same phone as me S6) she was getting failed text msgs then all of a sudden so did I and then text msgs were coming in doubles , the same msg would send twice..and couldnt make phone calls...Only thing that helped me was to power off my phone, took out SIM card then put it back in and powered the phone on and now seems to be working normal.