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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Mine still say in progress, but I hope it wasn't one of the ones that got sent to the wrong location.
I've Been Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

I just got one from the Square One, Lower Level. Apparently they got some in the afternoon. So Mississauga people, head there first thing tomorrow!

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Battery Report:


Up time is at 32hr 19min after a full drain and charge.  Battery is currently at 9%.


Over the course of the past day and a bit I visited Facebook and Twitter, did some browsing on the internet, watched a couple videos on youtube, played some Angry Birds, checked hockey and football scores on the Score Mobile, downloaded some wallpapers and ringtones, read and sent work and personal emails, made a couple calls, sent out some texts.. pretty much everything you would use a superphone for.


I'm not running any 3rd party battery apps nor using the battery saver built into the phone.  


So far the battery life is killing my old iPhone.  Loving every minute of this phone!

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Iam curious, I see 4g but no lte? I checks my network setting and it says umts. Is this lte?
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

@shortydm11 wrote:
what number were you y2whisper??

56 its at the store now in richmond hill but since i grabed it from etobicoke there was no need.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Thanks silver, will give it a try. Also this is my first time using "kies" to transfer files between my pc. I was just used to plug and play  from my blackberry, just kinda weird getting us to.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Mini comparrison SGS2 vs HTC Raider (bell version)


have been playing with both devices here are some initial thoughts


I didn't know the bell version was dual channel hspa+ (42mbps instead of 21 on rogers)

screen looks great on both like the resolution on the raider a bit more as it fits more on the screen. Tried changing the screen density on the sgs but then it messes up touchwiz and the dialer as they don't end up supporting it.


sense has come a long way still not a fan of how tied in it is but much more useable now.  Touchwiz is also speedy just don't like the icons, but again easier to get rid of. 


Camera wise (default settings) the htc was showing more colours but i believe its just a bit oversaturated. the camera app on the raider is awesome theres a definite win there. both have panoramic views but the raider also has a native HDR mode which also took care of the over saturated view.  the front camera looks better on the sgs. 


I like the weight and the build of the raider. the sgs2 feels a lot better than the first one (one reason why I never bought it). taking off the battery cover is a lot easier on the raider (not a huge deal but still is noticeable) voice quality on both seem fine I recommend turning down the volume on the sgs2 when on speaker phone, found it to be too loud.


Haven't been on LTE yet will do tonight. 


Any questions, let me know as I have both at my desk.


one side note, after using my phone for a while, using an iphone touch is so difficult due to the screen size.  apple has to go to at least 4" for their next device.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

@bigmac996 wrote:

Hi! Although this doesn't help me much, Rogers happened to ship my phone to Calgary (I'm in Ottawa) by mistake, and it was apart of a shipment of 5 headed there, which arrived on saturday. So maybe yours could be in that batch?

EDIT: Actually, I was able to check the status of the others, and they were all delivered to Ottawa. Looks like my phone was the only one to end up in Calgary for whatever reason. WTF?!! 

my phone was shipped to other city too. i been calling rogers last night, but no one had single clue what as going on.

it seems like 40 bucks i paid has been credited back to me.

after all, no point reserving a phone and i need to start calling in stores to see if they have any.

rogers can't do single job correctly.

I've Been Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Sorry first post here. This is in response to @bhorrocks regarding receiving the device in Calgary


Yes, received mine yesterday. I was originally on the list aound 650 and dropped down to 540 before "in progress" showed up.
When I received my shipping notification yesterday it said it was delivered on Saturday at 13.20 but it turns out it was not at the location where I expected it to be, but their warehouse (they have a store location next door to the warehouse). So had to go there to pick it up, don't know why they wouldn't call me Saturday and let me know...

As I was there to pick mine up they brought out some more and as the guy was setting me up, the girl starting calling people telling them the phone had arrived, not sure how long we all would have to wait unless I would have gone there......terrible.

Not sure if they had more units than what was sent to them based on the reservation list, but here's the location:

Rogers Authorized Dealer
3931 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T3E 0C3
(403) 974-3150 ‎

On another note, now they dropped the price on the phone! Not only did we have to wait forever for this device but now once most people on the reservation list finally got their hands on their devices, they essentially give us early adopters a slap on the fingers. I just don't understand this whole process from Rogers, this is absolutely terrible customer service.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

anyone know where to get screen protector and/or case for this?