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I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

@mvasili wrote:

So they are having problems with their LTE network and that's why they aren't releasing the phones?   Let us know that, because I can tell you there are a number of your customers who dont' want LTE, like myself... and there maybe users who want LTE but are okay with it having issues provided they get their phone. Again, at the very least  communicate with us.


Funnier thing though. I got a call from a Rogers rep last night. Nice girl who was asking if I was happy with my Internet/Phone/TV services. I let her know yes, but the wireless division is causing me nothing but grief and that I will likely be cancelling my Internet/Phone/TV in the next month just because of the wireless division. She offered to pass my call on to customer service  but I declined.  Been there... done that... no help.


now Thursday of the infamous "Early as next week" and not a peep from Rogers... still 23 on the list. 





Any wonder why rogers needs a Retention Dept.?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

If our status does not change from open to pending/shipping today, we will be pushed to next week for the SGSII LTE at the earliest.


It is rather unfortunate and I am disappointed that the mass release of the SGSII LTE it taking so long.

My current phone is on its last leg and I am hoping against hope that it will stay alive long enough to get me to the SGSII LTE.


I have been thinking about what / where / how this all went wrong.

There has to be tangible issues somewhere.

Whether it be the lack of devices, bugs in the LTE network, premature release of the phone on the reservation system... I am not sure... but something is definitely wrong.


I wonder if the ten folks that received their phones already are happy with it...?

Is it running properly...?

Are they having issues...?

Perhaps it's best that Rogers has not release the phone in mass if they are indeed having issues with it or the network.

It would be very frustrating to have a nice new shiny phone that did not perform as advertised... that would send me over the edge.


Keep the faith... one day we will tell our grandchildren about this.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

RogersKeith says:

We never release the specific number of devices shipped.

But we wanted to manage customer expectations and chose words carefully in the post when we said we shipped a “very limited” number of devices to a “handful” of customers.





"We BS, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS, BS to a "handful" of customers."

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Thanks for the info. I hope everyone who's got a piece of their mind to share would also try such alternate avenues. This thread was supposed to be an informational discussion but has digressed (with cause) into a collection of grievances which may not even reach anyone of consequence. 


I'd also like to thank everyone who has been regularly posting updates and information that been holding us off. Its been a great source with such appaling lack of "official" support. i still hold no agents responsible and had restrained myself from ranting or bashing rogers, but my deadline is also fast approaching and once past, iwill not look back at this phone or provider. I have worked with enough product launches to understand operational hiccups and shipping/operational restraints that could cause unprecedented delays, but this has gone past the OOPS! point into full blown neglect of an (althought small) subsection of its consumer base. 

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

A HUNDRED AND ELEVEN PAGES...most of which are not congratulatory, have STILL NOT evoked an official Statement from Rogers?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Walked by the Rogers store in the underground near Toronto Union. They had a Jetstream on display, no Raider, Razr or coughcoughS2coughcough.  Across the hall was the bell store with their Raider, S2 and a bunch of their other newer devices.  A few stores down (literally) is the Telus store and they had their S2X on display.


So in two days I've visited

Rogers Head Office store. Result: No LTE devices (rocket stick doesnt' count)

Rogers Union Station branch (HEAVY traffic): Result: Jetstream


Telus and Bell at least have demo models out for customers to try to see if they like it.


My phone has been dying for ages. Since Im' locked into a 3 year contract (stupid me) I wanted to get a decent phone (again, stupid me) Especially since I'm leaving going on vacation for 3 weeks and would like to be able to communicate while I'm away. 


Rogers... as an FYI. You can end all this complaining VERY EASILY... all you have to do is issue a communication to let us know what is going on, without all that double speak and misleading language. Simple, honest direct communication.


For whatever moderator is watching these forums I ask the question (but would be surprised if it was responded to.. is that too much for your customers to ask? Is that crossing some sort of line?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Agreed this is taking way too long!  Atleast give us some sort of update as to what's going on... same thing whem my wife wanted her Iphone4s I ended up getting it from the Apple store instead.



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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

This article states that AT&T down in the States will be getting the SG2 LTE skyrocket on November 6th.  I would expect a similar release date for Rogers as well.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

Bell in Scarborough town Center never put up a live demo of the Raider. I asked for a demo & they took it from the back office....

All you need to do is ask to see the Raider & play with it. They have 1 or 2 in the back most of the time for that purpose. I agree Rogers should have live demos like Bell does. They also need to start getting accessories for the phones as well