S6 Issues with SureTap

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I Plan to Stick Around
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S6 Issues with SureTap

I'm wondering of anyone has successfully been able to use the SureTap service on their Galaxy S6. The app as most of you know came pre installed on this release but for some reason doesn't work. It basically tells me my device is not supported.

I've disabled/enabled the app. Done the updates. NFC is ON and WiFi is Off. It IS an NFC sim card.

It worked perfectly on my S4!

I've even changed my sim card to see if I could request a new pre paid card and still nothing!

This is just one of the bugs I've found.

The TD Canada Trust mobile payment app doesn't work, Google Chrome is extremely laggy, ram usage constantly high 80's and the scrolling locks on the home screen and app drawer are terrible! Hopefully Rogers gets the new updates out fast!

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Community Manager
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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

Hi @jdr004 ,


According to the SureTap webisite here: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/suretap?setLanguage=en


The current compatible devices are:


Samsung GALAXY Alpha™

Samsung GALAXY Note Edge™

Samsung GALAXY Note 4™

Samsung GALAXY Note 3™

Samsung GALAXY Note II™

Samsung GALAXY S4™


Samsung GALAXY S5™

HTC One™

HTC One (M8)


LG G Flex


LG Optimus G

BlackBerry® Z10

Sony Xperia® Z3

Samsung Core LTE

BlackBerry® Z30

BlackBerry® Q10



But stay tuned, there will be more devices coming soon!



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

Thanks Rogers Darrell,

While talking with suretap tech support they said the device is supported even if the Rogers website hasn't been updated as of yet.

For Rogers to release the S6 with the SureTap app INCLUDED and NOT removable from the phone... One could only assume that it was supported.

That's why I'm still curious if anyone out there has got thier app to successfully work.

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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

Hello @jdr004

Nope mine doesn't work either and I am still waiting for the call from the department fixing my account for suretap. I have heard the same cases over on XDA and other sites saying the same

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap


Thanks for your reply. You're obviously a better "googler" than me because I searched fairly hard to see if anyone else was having these issues before I posted this topic. Unfortunately since Suretap is localized to Rogers I have a hard time finding valid search results.

I'd love to hear what your tech says when he gets back to you. I loved suretap and became reliant on it (once it finally worked lol)

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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

Hello @jdr004

Yeah it seems like they either need to enable it on the phone or atleast fix it. I agree if the app is pre installed into the phone, it should work. This is a new phone so i am sure they had time to test it.

I haven't heard from them yet but once i do, i will post my findings 🙂

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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

same here suretap turn the app  off when passcode input.


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Re: S6 Issues with SureTap

I'm currently trying to set it up on my S6 Edge+, which came with the Suretap app installed, and was shipped with a Suretap  SIM Card. 


So far, it's not working. I have tried everything I can think of.


Also, my payment app with CIBC won't register also. I am on the phone with them now.