S10 Camera Cover Broken

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S10 Camera Cover Broken

I'm sure I didnt do anything to my brand new s10 for the cameras cover to have broken! But I went to take a picture today and noticed the picture was blurry. After trying to get a clear photo several times to no prevail I turned the phone over to find the glass over the camera is completely shattered. Let's be clear. IT WAS NOT DROPPED!!!. It has no otter box but does have a gel case that leaves space between the phone and anything it may come into contact with. I'm wondering if anyone else in the community has had this happen.. with an s10 or other. I cant imagine breaking that small of a piece of glass would come without the front being broken too.. and I bought this phone for the camera!!! Do I get a do-over?? 🤣😂



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Re: S10 Camera Cover Broken

Sorry to hear about this. I hope they can fix it for a relatively inexpensive price and make it look good as new again!