Rogers messed up big time

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Rogers messed up big time

My note 2 battery died after 3 months use. I brought it to the Rogers store at 355 Hespeler Rd Cambridge Ontario to get repaired. The agent who did my repair order said it would take 1 week. After 1 week with no update I called the store and they told me they can't track my phone. I then called the call center and they made the Rogers store track my phone. I was told my phone was being repaired. I went through that update process every 2 days because every time I called the store they said my phone can't be tracked. After 4 weeks of this I was fed up and asked the store for the district manager. That's when they decided to tell me that the agent had not actually sent my phone in and it was sitting in that store for 4 weeks. The assistant manager said sorry and shed have to send it in again. She said oh we didn't lie to you it's just our system telling me that. Well maybe Rogers system should tell their employees that the phone wasn't shipped. After 2 hours on call they agreed to ship me a remanufactured phone. So now my 3 year contract that I signed up for a NEW phone was actually for a REMANUFACTURED phone.


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Re: Rogers messed up big time


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Re: Rogers messed up big time

Sounds like the location you chose just sucks.

I had a great experience recently with my Note 2 repair.

Took it to the store near my work, they sent it out and gave me the tracking info so I could see when it got to the repair centre.


Less than a week later, I had my Note 2 back repaired, pretty smooth experience for me.


The store you went to, was it a Rogers corporate store, or a dealer?

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Re: Rogers messed up big time

f the phone was shipped out to Samsung your in trouble . Samsung is the absolute most unreliable and totally reckelss when it comes to repairs.  Take a look at Samsung mobile / Samsung Canada on Facebook and you will get the picture .


OTOH I'M on my 3rd S 3 , and while this current Rogers unlocked S3has Sim Card error issues Rogers has been supportive in trying to resolve the issue but  Samsung has basically washed their hands  almost in denial mode that a number S3 and S4 have well documented Sim card error issues. 


If you are fortunate to get a phone that is reliable , its a great product, but   aftere struggling with connectivity on my previous 2 S 3s  my currednt S  3 is being used as a paper weight  while i go throught the complaint escalation channel with Rogers 


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Re: Rogers messed up big time

I hope you get a refurbished phone that was actaully refurbished ... 


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Re: Rogers messed up big time

Hello spiboy1

You have no clue what you are talking about. The phones are shipped to Flextronics. This warehouse / building has tech support agents where they check the phones & repair them. They fix Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC & Sony phones. The phones do NOT get sent to the original Manufacturer unless you go to the Apple store OR contact the Original Manufacture.

Second that is true. Samsung just like Sony, Apple, HTC, Blackberry & Nokia barely help customers. I suggest looking around at all of them.

AS for the refurb phone. Every carrier will send out a refurb phone. No carrier will give you a new one after you pass the 15 days / 30 minute talk when you first got the phone. I suggest reading the fine print & the contract to see this.

All refurb phone are tested to make sure they work. IF by chance yours has a problem, you can always send it back & get another one. Do not expect you will get a new one tho & you guys need to understand that.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers messed up big time



.  I have  gone through 3 X S 3  and now own S 4 Active purchased in Singapore  direct from  Samsung ( which has no issues so far ) .  Assumed Rogers sent the phones back to the manufactures as I did with the repeated Sim card error on the  last S 3 I bought from Samsung direct in Singapore .  .. They did nothing more than reset it back to factory spec and replaces the os  and the error still exists  and  I now use the phone as a paper weight   Mybe Flextronic are dealing with so many Samsung S 3 siuues they loose track of the orders .. hahaha. 


As for the refurb , the issue is not the refurb  in itself but rather the quality of the inspection the refurb goes through.  `Checking to see if the phone works over s 30 second duration hardly qualifies as a quality inspection.   In the past when I contracted my S 3s  through Rogers the first refurb I received I  could not connect to network or wifi ( the sim reader was defective ) and the second  phones  antenna was so poor you could not use the phone indoors.  ( faulty antennae) and the number of dropped calls was ridiculous  THese ISSUES SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT prior to shipping phones to customers.  


The OP is aware, as is most everyone w  that any replacement will be in the form of a refurb,  hence the reason the op does not want a refurb.., .  so not sure why you took it upon yourself to dish out a lecture in contracts 



I `m a sucker for punishment so I stick with the Samsung hoping they eventually the get it right.. When the Galaxy S3 works its a great phone but just far far to faulty .So far my S4 has worked perfectly  but still waiting for the first fault.. 



 BTW do you work for Rogers lol 


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Re: Rogers messed up big time

My last refurb, a Raider from Rogers had finger prints on it and ear wax in it. I complained, so they let me upgrade to a S3 for more money and no contract. I cancelled last week because Rogers wants $15 because I went 0.03gig over on my 1gig plan. And they're charging me for the balance of the contract on the ear wax phone that I haven't seen in over two years.
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Re: Rogers messed up big time

Hello candu235

Well they did offer you a special offer for the phone. As for the second part, i could see why its because you did go over so they most likely calculated it in a different way. Either way you cancelled your account.
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Re: Rogers messed up big time

Rogers charges 15.00 for anything over the prepaid usage fee up to another 1 gig. You most likely paid 30.00 for that 1st gig. So 15.00 for another gig. sound pretty good. I know what you didn't like was using so little of that 2nd gig. So now instead of learning a attempt to opt out of an obligation. The lesson hear is: Be prepaired to pay for that which you have not prepaid.
They are charging you for the subsidized phone you received. You can get it unlocked and go with another carrier...Once you pay the penalty for cancelling early, Rogers will unlock the phone for a fee.
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