Rogers Name display Android 6.0 / Nexus 5X

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Rogers Name display Android 6.0 / Nexus 5X

There's a new service called "Caller ID by Google" in Android 6.0 which does a phonebook lookup to match the name of who's calling based on the phone number.


This is different from what Rogers name Display does. However, even when I turn off "caller ID by google" on my nexus 5x, i can't get name display to work (phone number only for people not in my contacts)


I want to use Rogers Name display because it can show more up to date information than google's reverse lookup service.


Anyone have Name display working properly on their Android 6.0 Device? Is it because the device was not sold by Rogers?


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Re: Rogers Name display Android 6.0 / Nexus 5X

Hello @stickler,


Thanks for your post and Welcome to the Forums!


Have you made sure that the function was included, in your plan or value pack?


Normally, our standard price plans come with call display, but do not include the name display.

This would come as an add-on, or as part of a value pack.


If you do have the necessary options with your plan, let us know so we can help you troubleshoot further.



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Re: Rogers Name display Android 6.0 / Nexus 5X

Any Nexus phone will not have working name display. This is because the software is pure Android and untouched by Rogers. All other phones Rogers puts all of their bloat apps and other stuff in the software. So basically name display will not work on a Nexus phone other than the Google call ID.