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Recycled Samsung SIII i747m from telus

I Plan to Stick Around

I was recently given a Samsung SIII (S3) (Mini?) i747m which used to be on telus, it's SUPPOSED to be  unlocked.


I stuck my SIM Card in it, and it would not register.


I have done the following.


SIMCARD1 doesnt work (newest)

SIMCARD2 doesnt work, (wife's old one, number still active with time on it)

SIMCARD3 doesnt work, (sisters old one, number still active, time expired)

SIMCARD4 works, wait, no, its not a telus SIM, its PUBLIC MOBILE.  It will try to dial but asks for paygo fund topup (This was a freebie I got and used it to test another phone with months ago so the number is active but no time on it currently)


So, right now, with SIMCARD2 in it, after logging into the phone it's leaving me with 'SIM network unlock PIN' which I can press 'unlock' or 'dismiss'


When I press 'dismiss' and get the home screen (sorry Im used to apple ipad) I draw down from the top, and get 2 messages. (unlock does nothing and I don't have a code to plug in)


"Invalid SIM card - Network locked SIM card inserted" (pressing this item does nothing)

"Switch 2G/3G" from one of the network apps I installed.  If I press this it brings me to 'Mobile Networks' screen.


Mobile data - checked

Data roaming - unchecked

Access Point Names

Network Mode (LTE/WCDMA/GSM - autoconnect)

Network operators


If I press 'Acceess Point Names' it gives me a blank screen with a "<= APN                   +" along the top.

If I press Network Mode it allows me to change between LTE to WCDMA/GSM autoconnect to WCDMA only and GSM only.  I've left this as the default as listed above with LTE autoconnect.

If I press Nework Operators, it kicks in and does a search... for what seems forever.


Good, now its stopped searching, and it gives me five options.


Search networks - scan for all available networks

Select automatically - automatically select prefered network





If I select ROGERS which seems logical cause well, its a ROGERS SIM card in it, it says 'Registering on Rogers...'

4-5 minutes later, it kicks out and says 'unable to connect, try again later' and back to that ame screen.


If I select 'Automatic registration' I get... "Unable to connect, try again later' and it sits at that same screen.


This is supposed to be an unlocked phone...  it works on Telus, koodo, and public mobile, why not rogers?  And yes, I checked the specs, they appear to match.


 Oh yes, and before I forget, if I go into 'more networks' the regular way, and choose 'mobile networks' I get the following message.


"Insert SIM Card" "Insert SIM card to access network services"





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Re: Recycled Samsung SIII i747m from telus


Good evening @thomask,


Thanks for your post!


From the information provided, your device does not seem fully unlocked.


Public Mobile, Koodo and Telus all use the same network, which could explain why a Rogers SIM card would not be compatible.


If the phone was given to you unlocked, you would have to ask the previous owner for the unlocking code.

This is unfortunately not something we can assist you with.


Let us know if you need further assistance!



Re: Recycled Samsung SIII i747m from telus

I'm a Reliable Contributor
The phone is not unlocked, which is why it's asking you for the code. The reason it works with Telus and Koodo is that they are both Telus companies. It's still locked to Telus. You can get an unlock code cheap on eBay if you want to go that route. You will also probably have to manually add the Rogers APN to get data afterwards.

Re: Recycled Samsung SIII i747m from telus

I Plan to Stick Around

I spoke to Telus today, the agent informed me it's not a locked phone.


to confirm it he suggested I contact Koodo directly, unfortunately they want me to have it on an active account with them.  Something I'm not willing to do.


He told me that they couldn't do a thing either way, plus even though the phone was bought out (it's also 3+ years old?)  it would incurr a $35 charge to unlock...


and sorry, not interested in purchasing another smart phone why I have this.


Im guessing I have to hope that my sister in law can take care of it...

Re: Recycled Samsung SIII i747m from telus

I'm a Reliable Contributor
$35 is ridiculous. You can get one on eBay for a couple dollars. I have done it many times.
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