OnePlus 3 reception dropping randomly

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OnePlus 3 reception dropping randomly



Ive been having issues with my phones reception dropping completely then being reaquired. I have reset the phone many times, ensured it is updated and even RMA'd the phone to receive it back saying nothing was wrong


Ive also contacted rogers support and they told me to change APN settings which did nothing to help my issue.]


Are any others having this issue with their OnePlus 3 or is it just me? would be nice to know so I can try and send this phone back as it is exremely frustrating.





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Re: OnePlus 3 reception dropping randomly

Hello @Koolstir

Have you tried to check on the XDA forums to see if others in other cities or countries having the same issue? Sadly since this is a Rogers forum, most help on here would be towards the devices that are Rogers branded.

You followed the steps that u are doing correctly. What i am thinking is maybe its the sim causing this or maybe the device it self.