Occasional Text Going to Email Instead

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Occasional Text Going to Email Instead

Today, and once last summer, I received a text as an email from <number>@mms.rogers.com.  Senders were different but in both cases, the sender's phone was on the Rogers network - one Android and one iPhone.  My phone is Android and I had upgraded phones in between.  I usually receive both texts and mms messages just fine from these senders and others.  Any ideas on where the problem might lie and what the fix might be? 



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Re: Occasional Text Going to Email Instead

Hey @Memumster,

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Seeing texts failures randomly going to email can certainly be a confusing issue for sure. Though there's a few things that could potentially lead to this occurring, the issue itself is likely on the senders end. It's possible they may not have their MMS settings set up accurately. That said perhaps others in the community have had similar experiences and could shed some light?


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Occasional Text Going to Email Instead

I think I figured out why this is happening and happening only rarely.  I got another of these weird emails this morning from a phone on another provider's network and since I recognized the number, tried an email reply.  The sender did get my reply and emailed that she had used my email address instead of my phone number for the text.  I've since talked to the other two senders.  One was able to confirm that the message was sent to my email address instead of my phone number.  She had wondered why she ended up with two separate conversations for me, so that explains this as well.  The earliest one could not remember, and had deleted the conversation awhile back. 


At this point, I would say that closes it.  Short solution - sender must use phone # instead of email address. 

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