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Nexus 6P - broken screen

I've Been Here Awhile



i purchased my 6p back in april last year. yesterday i dropped it and broken the screen. i have the protection plan, rogers asked to contact, asurion. it would be a $200 +tax deductable to ship me a new phone. whould this be a good option? does anyone know 3rd party repair stores that can repair fpr lesser price? thanks



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Re: Nexus 6P - broken screen

I've Been Here Awhile

Honestly 3rd party is far cheaper, most shopping malls have repair shops that fix phones. But that method will probably void the warranty if you care about that. I personally have fixed screens myself for friends/family ordering a new one online but its easy to mess up if you don't know what you're doing.


But if that protection plan offers you an entirely new phone that may interest you more.

Re: Nexus 6P - broken screen

I've Been Here Awhile
thanks for your help and opinion.

Re: Nexus 6P - broken screen

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Hello @om1984

In my opinion I would just speak to asurion and have them send u out a replacement device. Unfortunately no replacement program ships u out a brand new phone. Not even Apple at their own stores. They are all refurbished with new screens, new batteries.

Taking it to a cellphone store and changing the screen will void your warranty and no one would be able to help you and you would need to dish out more money later on. Due remember not all cellphone shops fix the devices properly. My gf took her iPhone 7 to a cellphone shop for one simple issue which was fixed by me using the Volume up and power button but he never knew that and opened the device it self. Voiding the warranty and water proofing.

So i would be careful with that.
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